Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

pregnancy announcement ideas

A great way to share news of your pregnancy is with dynamic photo pregnancy announcements. You are probably already aware that PurpleTrail offers a premier selection, but you may be wondering: How can I make mine unique? There are plenty of things you can do to make your special message standout. Get inspired with these fun and creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

pregnancy announcement ideas
Mommy-to-be holding sonogram.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Sonogram

What better way to introduce your big news than with a photo of your child-to-be. If you have taken a sonogram already, consider sharing it with friends and family upon your pregnancy announcements.

The photo will give them an idea of what your little man or lady is up to inside your belly, while also providing them with a special keepsake of your baby.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Fun with Chalk

Enliven your pregnancy announcement photos with colorful chalk backdrops.

Use chalk to sketch out a mural, clever wording, or a charming portrait across a wall or sidewalk. Stand in front of it for a super sweet pregnancy announcement snapshot.

Inscribe a small chalkboard sign with, “coming soon” and your due date. Hold it above your belly for an adorable pregnancy announcement photo.

pregnancy announcement ideas
Mommy-to-be holding a chalkboard pregnancy announcement.

Find a brick wall. Decorate it with a large plus sign. Stand on one side while your partner stands on the other. Draw an equal sign next to your partner, followed by the number three.

Check out this couple on for more ideas, or get inspired with the pregnancy announcement photo idea above.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Extra Pair of Shoes

Get your special message across by including a tiny pair of baby shoes in your pregnancy announcement photo. Set them alongside a pair of you and your partners’ shoes.

Snap a photo. Add it to one of our pregnancy announcements, and complete it with your due date and a warm message, like: “the smith family is growing by two feet.”

pregnancy announcement ideas
Cute pregnancy announcement idea.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Balloons

Add a pop of color and a ton of playfulness to your pregnancy announcements with a bright bundle of balloons.

You can either grasp the bundle while you and your partner share a kiss or try the following idea for a more informal pregnancy announcement.

pregnancy announcement ideas
Pregnancy announcement photo with a colorful bundle of balloons.

Purchase two balloons. With a sharpie, inscribe one balloon with your due date and the other with “I’m going to pop.”

Have your husband blow one up while you blow up the other for a unique pregnancy announcement photo.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Timeline

Make a note of when you and your partner first met, when you married, and the special life event ahead. Check out the pregnancy announcement below for further explanation.

pregnancy announcement ideas
Green Inforgraphic Pregnancy Announcement by

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Guess Who’s Hatching

Add a few bird graphics and eggs to your pregnancy announcement. Complete it with clever wording, like: “Guess who’s hatching” or “We’re filling the nest.”

pregnancy announcement ideas
Little Birds Pregnancy Announcement by

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Signs

There couldn’t be an easier way to spruce up your pregnancy announcement photo than with DIY signs.

Whether you add chalk to a chalkboard, paint to a wooden sign, or a marker to paper, you’re bound to get your big news across in a unique way.

pregnancy announcement ideas
Cute pregnancy announcement sign.

Consider taking a series of photos, while holding signs that say different things. Add the photos to one of our collage photo announcements for a one-of-a-kind pregnancy announcement.

For a less crafty, but just as interesting method — try posing in front of a “Bump Ahead” road sign.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas –Bun In the Oven

Have the photographer capture a photo of you and your partner taking a bun out of a oven.

Check out this amazing 50’s inspired bun in the oven pregnancy announcement photo shoot for more inspiration.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas — Hobbies

Since it is such a milestone moment in your life, you will want the photo to not only be great, but also reflect you and your partner’s personality.

Try including hobbies you share or things you both feel passionate about in your pregnancy announcement photo.

pregnancy announcement ideas
Couple standing next to a pregnancy announcement in the sand.

Are you artists? Consider including including a mural or favorite piece of art in the background on your photo.

A duo who enjoys typography? Include a sign with fancy lettering in your photo.

A couple that loves the beach? Scrawl a message and your due date in the sand and snap a photo.

This is a pregnancy announcement idea that you can really get creative with. Check out the snapshot above for inspiration.

Share Your Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired! Do you have any great pregnancy ideas that we failed to mention? Let us know via the comment section below. We would love to hear them.

For more great photo ideas, take a look at our 5 Easy DIY Photo Backdrops article. Good luck!

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