Practical Baby Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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Next time you receive baby shower invitations, consider going the practical route with your gift giving. When money is tight, it benefits everyone to give purposefully instead of frivolously. Our party experts have come up with some great practical baby shower gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will be greatly appreciated by new parents.

Group gift card. Pool your funds (let everyone give what they are comfortable with) to the parent’s to be favorite baby store. then they can use that money to purchase what they need.

Supply stock up. Ask the mom-to-be what supplies she needs (diapers, hangers, pacifiers, formula, etc) and create a list on the invitation. Ask people to purchase these gifts instead of being left to their own devices. This is particularly good for the mom who already has all the clothes and strollers she needs.

The gift of time. Give the mom to be the gift of time. Give coupons for babysitting older siblings or the new baby to give the mom some well deserved rest or a few hours out and about.

Give food. Consider baking some casseroles to put in mom’s freezer or ask the group to go in on a gift certificate to a ready made meal facility. That way the parents to be have one less thing to worry about when baby arrives!

Clean sweep. Consider getting the group to go in on a gift certificate for a house cleaning or two. Moms-to-be will definitely appreciate a little extra help in this department. If you really want to save money, gathering a group of family and friends to help get the house organized pre-baby and then offer some weekly help with laundry, vacuuming and bathroom cleaning.

It can be easier to just buy a stuffed animal and a cute little outfit. But giving gifts that moms really needs can be rewarding for everyone. So think outside the pink or blue box and give something that the mom-to-be really needs!

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