Kids Valentines Day Party at School

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to organize a fun party for school children. Planning a Valentine’s Day party at school for kids can be a sweet affair. Get creative with, Valentine’s Day cards, food, activities, party favors and songs. Children love to celebrate their friendships with candy hearts and sweet cards. You can help them celebrate this day of love by throwing a surprise kids Valentines Day party at school. Some classic as well as unique party ideas are mentioned below to help you plan a fun gathering on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Invitations: Of course, for a kids Valentines Day party, you must send out some sweet romantic invitations. You can always design some heart-shaped cards with hand written messages. Other shapes that you may opt for are roses, lock and keys, and cupid. If you want to add an extra dose of sweetness, you might consider sending out small boxes of candies along with the invitations. You can also add a dash of modernity by sending out customized, online party invites. Send out the invites with a lot of time in hand (at least a couple of weeks) so that the kids can plan for the party accordingly.

Kids Valentines Day Party Cards & Invites

Wishing You A Beary Happy Valentines Day Card by
Wishing You A Beary Happy Valentines Day Card by

Kids Valentines Day Party Decorations:

Valentine’s Day party decorations can be gorgeous with out being expensive. But they must create an ambiance of fun and friendship. Try out some of the ideas below to make your party truly memorable; one that the children will never forget.

Deck the halls and rooms with crepe paper, balloons, and other stationery to bring about the festive feel. The traditional Valentine’s Day party color scheme is red, white, and pink. You can make it more vibrant by adding hues of silver, purple, and gold.

Kids love to decorate, so you can give them a free hand. Just give them some construction paper, markers, crayons, tape, glue, ribbons and stickers and guide them now and then, and you’ll be surprised by how creative they can be. You can paint the classroom walls red with crimson hearts.

In the party area, you can dress up the tables attractively. The tablecloths, and other decorative tableware for the cakes and treats, can also be chosen according to the Valentine’s Day theme. Put up some heart shaped balloons and keep bouquets of artificial roses, dishes of foil-wrapped chocolate hearts, and boxes of Valentine’s Day candy on the table. The display alone would make the kids jump with joy! These are great ideas for your kid’s Valentines Day party

Kids Valentines day treats. Photo courtesy of Ruby Ran.
Kids Valentines Day treats. Photo courtesy of Ruby Ran.

Kids Valentines Day Party Games:

Games add the extra zing to a party, and a kids Valentines Day party is no exception.

Cupids Corner: This is a modified game of darts, where the darts are arrows and the target is heart-shaped. Let the kids have a go to find out how lucky they are in love.

Love Story: The children can sit in a circle and you can start the game by narrating the beginning of a love story. Let everyone then take a turn by adding some more to the story. Sit back and enjoy as the kids weave the most amusing love story youve ever heard in your life!

Words worth: In this game, you try to see how many words one can make with the letters in the words “Valentine’s Day”. The most creative wordsmith gets the prize.

Counting Hearts: You can fill a jar with little hearts and ask the kids to guess how many there are in it. Ask them to write down the number (along with their name) and put it in another jar next to it. The best guesser goes home with the prize.

Kids Valentines Day Party Crafts:

After doing all the decorations for Valentine’s Day, not all the kids may want to pitch in for making even more crafts during the party. But you can try some innovative approaches to keep their creative flames alive. Give them all some plain white T-shirts and ask them to use fabric paint and glitter to convert them into beautiful Valentine’s Day T-shirts. Watch them put all their little hearts into the activity to create some amazing masterpieces. Check here for more craft ideas.

Pink Owl Valentine Card by PurpleTrail.
Pink Owl Valentine Card by PurpleTrail.

Kids Valentines Day Party Food:

Kids love to eat; so the party food should be a great hit with them. Offer some sweet and salty snacks along with cool drinks. You can also ask the children to bring some homemade treats and put them all together for a sumptuous feast. Some other favorites with kids during Valentine’s Day are heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes with pink frosting, heart-shaped sandwiches, and red Jello Jigglers.

Kids Valentines Day Party Favors:

The children would love to take home a gift after the Valentine’s Day party. So put together some small bags of surprises for them to carry home when the party is over. In the bag, you can include little heart shaped gifts and treats. You can also make the bag heart-shaped. Tie it with some lace and you will have the most attractive party favors ready for the children.

So this time, plan big for the Valentine’s Day party at school. As you noticed, you can have an amazing party without having to spend a fortune. Start planning with some time in hand so that you dont have to rush at the end. Have loads of fun during the season of love and friendship, and spread the infectious spirit of happiness among the children too! Dance, sing and party to your hearts content and have a jolly good time.

Enjoy yourself on Valentine’s Day this year and celebrate with the children in style!


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