Oscar Party Ideas – Host An Award-Winning Oscar Party

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The Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, is perhaps the most celebrated awards show among Hollywood A-listers. It also makes a great party theme! Check out these Oscar party ideas and host a glamorous evening your friends will never forget.

An Oscar party can be very casual or super swanky. First, decide what you’d like yours to be…meaning, set a budget. Are you going to go all out for a luxurious spread or keep it casual with movie theater fare? Do you want your guests dressed to the nines or come as they are with just a few celebrity touches (sunglasses, a bow tie, thrift store gown etc.). Either style of event is sure to be fun, just decide what suits you and your friends best.

Oscar Party Invitations

Hollywood Star Movie Night Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Hollywood Star Movie Night Invitation by PurpleTrail.com

Browse PurpleTrail’s collection of custom movie night party invitations, which includes a variety of designs that can be customized for your Oscar party. Make sure you send your party invitations out at least three weeks before the big day so your guests can plan accordingly.

Oscar Party Ideas: Decorations

oscar party red carpet and party table
photos courtesy of http://www.pinkfrosting.com.au/ and http://atfirstblush.onsugar.com/

Depending on how fancy your party is, you can keep your decor simple or go all out.

  • For a simple look, get bunches of gold balloons for every corner of the room. Place a white or gold tablecloth on your table and come up with a simple centerpiece, such as a glass bowl filled with water and votives. Pick up a few wall decorations to complete the look. Create your custom party banner on PurpleTrail.com. You can match your banner to your invitations using their easy to use online design center. Add unlimited photos, change text/font and colors to match your grand event.
  • For a more elegant affair, roll out a red carpet, either leading up to your front door or into the party room. Deck your party room out in red, black and silver. Create lavish centerpieces with movie reels, miniature oscars and top hats. Hang sparkling stars from the ceiling. Hang black and white photos of classic movie starlets on the walls. An oscar party is a wonderful change to go all out with your decor.

Oscar Party Ideas: Food

oscar party sugar cookies
photo courtesy of http://ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com

Stock your party table with appetizers and party food your guests will love to snack on. No matter what you serve, presentation will be key.

  • Place popcorn in cones or in red and white striped movie theater bags.
  • Serve fruit salad in champagne glasses and garnish it with whipped cream.
  • Cut sandwiches into star shapes with cookie cutters and dress mini hot dogs up in tuxedos.
  • For a more formal evening, host a buffet of first-class hors d’oeuvres such as smoked salmon on crackers, brie and caviar, crab puff pastries or small quiches.
  •  Champagne is a must, sparkling cider makes for a perfect non-alcoholic alternative. Martinis and Cosmopolitans also evoke a hip and glamorous vibe.

This tutorial will help you create the Oscar party-perfect cookies pictured above.

Other Oscar Party Ideas

  • Upon sending out invitations, create a few categories and ask your guests to nominate one another. The categories can be silly or serious, whatever you’d like. Ideas: Most likely to use a body double, Most likely to end up on E true Hollywood story, Best dressed, etc. As you collect the nominations, create ballots and as your guests arrive, ask them to vote. Designate a box for the ballots and tally them up. During commercial breaks you can announce the winners and present them with a chocolate Oscar statue or another prize. Be sure to have music cued up to cut off any lengthy acceptance speeches!
  • Play an Oscars version of charades. People should act out a nominee for that night’s award: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Costumes, etc.
  • Play a Hollywood variation of 20 Questions. As each guest arrives, pin a die-cut star on his or her back. Each star should contain the name of a different Hollywood star (past or present). The goal for each guest is to find out who they are for the evening by asking only “yes” and “no” questions of the other guests. Limit each person to one question per guest. This is a, great game to play if all your guests are not well acquainted because, it encourages everyone to mingle.
  • Have guests attend the event in their best attire — and not just their Sunday best! Sequins, glitter, bow ties and tiaras should be encouraged.
  • Ask guests to dress as their favorite nominee. Complete with that celebrity signature item (sunglasses, crazy hair, etc.
  • Photograph each “star” as they enter. Hang a dark colored sheet or back drop were they can stop and be admired!
  • A gift bag is a classy touch to your Oscar theme party. No need to give them diamonds or spa weekends like those offered the stars. Gourmet chocolates or a compiled CD of nominated film soundtracks are great tokens. Gift bags will give your guests a true red-carpeted evening experience.

We all love to “oooh” and “ahhh” over Hollywood’s elite. Discussing the dresses and trends on the red carpet is always entertaining. For these reasons and more, Oscar parties will never go out of style. Enjoy a glamorous night with your friends and family.

We hope these Oscar party ideas help you create an award worthy extravaganza come February!


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