Party Foods – Harry Potter Style

Having a magical theme party? No one is more magical than Harry Potter so we founds some great party foods – Harry Potter style. You don’t have to go nuts creating strange and whimsical recipes. With a little creative naming and styling, you can turn ordinary foods into magical fare.


Magic Pretzel Wands. Take large pretzel rods, dip in melted chocolate (white or mild) and sprinkle with colorful sprinkles. Display in a cylinder container. Wrap the container is a dark, starry print paper for dramatic affect!

Chocolate Bugs. Take whole cashews and pecan halves and dip them in melted chocolate. They will look like bugs but tastes like treats!

Cauldron Cakes. Make devil’s food cupcakes without paper liners. Slice the tops off so when the cupcake is turned upside down it sits flat. Cut pieces of thin licorice rope (red or black) and create a handle with them.

Pumpkin Juice. You can either create real pumpkin juice or, serve any orange tinted juice or soda and label it as pumpkin juice. Pumpkin pie will be another big hit.

Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans. You can purchase these “delightful” flavored jelly beans but they are expensive. Try mixing in regular Jelly Belly beans to stretch them out!

Homework Scrolls. Serve homemade or store bought tortilla roll ups or taquitos to serve as homework scrolls.

Herbology Platters. Arrange cut up fruits and veggie on giant lettuce leaves for an ode to herbology class. Accent with sprigs of fresh herbs.

Pumpkin Pasties. A filling treat for party goers indeed! They are like sweet little pumpkin pies.

These are just a few great ideas. You can really turn anything into magical food. Get creative! Enjoy your Harry Potter party. These party foods are sure to be a hit with muggles and wizards alike!

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