Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording

Whether you want to save money on a venue or enjoy the nice summer weather, holding your graduation party outdoors is a good idea. From custom graduation party invitations to decorations, use these outdoor graduation party ideas to put together an outdoor soiree your guests will never forget.

Graduation Party Themes: BBQ, Barbecue

BBQ graduation parties are more popular than ever. They are affordable, offer plenty of space for guests, and provide a laid-back, comfortable setting. There’s no wonder why so many recent grads are opting for a BBQ graduation party theme.

How do you throw a BBQ graduation party? Embellish your theme with plenty of grilled food and summer favorites, like lemonade, watermelon, and ice tea. Provide guests with ample seating and outdoor entertainment.

Don’t forget to provide friends and family with plenty of opportunities to honor the recent grad — whether you do this via a guest book or by designating a table for congratulatory notes and cards is up to you. Use the outdoor graduation party ideas below for more tips on throwing a BBQ graduation party.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording
Rustic Backyard Bbq Graduation Invite by PurpleTrail.com.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas: BBQ, Barbecue

BBQ Graduation Party Ideas: Food

With a BBQ graduation party, food will be one of the highlights of your celebration. Prepare a variety of items for the grill, hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, corn, and even nontraditional things, like bananas and other fruits, will add a lot of color and sweetness to your spread. Have fresh fruit, chips, and plenty of drinks for guests to enjoy in addition to the grilled food.

BBQ Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations

Banners, bunting, strings of lights, and fresh cut flowers can be used to add flair to your BBQ graduation party. Try selecting a palette to coordinate your decorations with to ensure everything matches. Prepare congratulatory signs to honor the recent grad and provide plenty of seating for guests.

BBQ Graduation Party Ideas: Guest Book

Ask guests to leave an inspiring message for the grad of honor. You can either leave a blank book out for guests to sign or you can create something special, like ask guests to sign an object the grad will find significant. If the recent grad is into music, have your guests sign a guitar. If they love to travel or will be traveling in the near future, have guests sign a globe.

You could even prepare a photo booth, which will keep guests entertained, and include a chalkboard sign and chalk as one of the props. Have your guests inscribe the chalkboard with a message for the grad. They can hold the sign in the photo and you can create a photo book graduation keepsake for the grad of honor.

Graduation Party Activities: BBQ, Barbecue

In addition to having a photo booth, you can prepare outdoor games like frisbee, volleyball, and even croquet. All of these games are fun and easy to set up. You can also have some board games on hand, like Trivial Pursuit or Apples to Apples, in case guests feel like doing something less strenuous.

If you’re interested in finding a graduation party game with a graduation theme, try putting together a list of trivia questions you think the recent grad and his or her guests should know, since they’re graduating. Have your guests create teams and award the winning group with a small prize.

Outdoor Graduation BBQ Party Invitations

Your graduation party invitations should set the stage for your celebration. Ensure yours do with fitting graduation BBQ party invitation wording, charming BBQ themed backgrounds and embellishments, and by including bright, cheerful summer colors. Check out our collection of Unique Graduation Invitations for more ideas and inspiration.

Outdoor Graduation Party Invitation Wording Ideas: BBQ

Join us for grillin’ and a good time!

We are throwing a graduation BBQ

to honor recent grad

Karen Ann Stone

and her graduation from

Stone Brook High School

07.07.2016 at 12:00 pm

Karen’s House

342 Woodland Lane, Seattle, WA


Join us for some grillin’ and chillin’

We’re holding a backyard BBQ graduation party

to honor the graduation of our daughter

Sarah Ann Jones

from Washington High School

07.09.2016 at 1:00 pm

Our Home

342 Smith Street

Madison, WI

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording
Watermelon Graduation Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Graduation Party Themes: Picnic Graduation Party

Picnic is another great graduation party theme for a summer, outdoor graduation party. The great thing about this theme is that it’s affordable, laid-back, and allows you to hold your outdoor graduation party at your favorite outdoor setting, whether that’s a beach, park, urban locale, or your own backyard doesn’t matter, they all work. Use the outdoor graduation party ideas below for more picnic party tips and tricks.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas: Picnic Graduation Party

Picnic Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas: The Perfect Spot

Finding the perfect spot for your picnic graduation party will be key to your graduation party’s success. Try find an area that holds meaning to the recent grad or a spot that relates to the recent grad’s interest.

If they love swimming, surfing, or fishing, reserve a spot at the beach for their picnic graduation party. If the recent grad isn’t very outdoorsy, but you still want to hold an alfresco affair, try finding a rooftop in the city with a nice view to hold your outdoor graduation party at.

Picnic Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas: Food & Favors

As guests arrive, try passing out baskets filled with a blanket, sunblock, and a frisbee or kite. Have fun preparing a picnic inspired spread. Sandwiches, fresh fruits, and bottled beverages are all classic picnic fair. Guests can either spread out their blankets and enjoy their food on the ground or you can set up picnic tables for guests to eat on.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording
Checkered Bbq Graduation Invite by PurpleTrail.com.

Picnic Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas: Guest Book & Memory Keepsakes

Try passing around a blank book during your outdoor graduation party, so guests can share warm wishes and congratulations with the grad of honor. For a more unique idea, try passing around a Polaroid camera and a chalkboard or stack of paper. Have each guest write a message to the recent grad. They can hold the message up as someone snaps their photo.

Graduation Party Activities: Picnic Graduation Party

As mentioned earlier, you can pass out favors, such as frisbees or kites for guests to use during your outdoor graduation party. You can even inscribe the kites or frisbees with a personalize message relating to the grad of honor’s recent success. On top of this, you can prepare other outdoor activities such as volleyball.

If the grad of honor is really into drama or enjoys mysteries, and you have a lot of time to invest into planning their outdoor graduation party, consider incorporating a picnic, graduation themed murder mystery game into your celebration. Learn more about planning a murder mystery party by following the link provided.

Picnic Graduation Party Invitations

Your picnic graduation party invitations should introduce your graduation party theme to guests. You will of course want to note that you’re holding an outdoor graduation party in the graduation party invitation wording, but you can further embellish your theme with picnic themed backgrounds and embellishments. Using kraft envelopes will also tie into your theme and a nature inspired stamp will bring everything together.

Graduation Party Invitation Wording Ideas: Picnic

Join us for fun in the sun

at Lucy Sue White’s

Picnic Graduation Party

July 16th at Noon

Wilderness Park

We will be celebrating Lucy’s graduation

from University of Washington.

Please bring a blanket.


Sharon is finally graduating!

All of her hard work has paid off and

she’s now officially a graduate school grad!

We’re holding an outdoor graduation party

in her honor to celebrate her milestone achievement.

Please join us: 02.02.2016 at 7:00 p.m.

For a picnic graduation party in Woodland Park

333 Third Ave., Seattle, WA

Graduation Party Themes: Luau

Whether you live in Hawaii and luaus are commonplace or you simply like the idea of using it as a theme for your nearing celebration, throwing a luau themed outdoor graduation party can be lots of fun. Use the outdoor graduation party ideas below to organize a luau themed party the grad of honor and their guests will never forget.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording
Pink Luau Graduation Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Outdoor Luau Graduation Party Ideas

Luau Graduation Party Ideas: Favors & Food

Depending on how formal your luau will be, you can pass out silly favors like grass skirts to guests, if it’s that kind of party, but if you want to keep things classy, try giving authentic floral leis instead. Try also setting up a sign with, “(insert graduate’s name here) future’s so bright, we got to wear shades” wording with a stack of sun glass party favors nearby.

Use your food to embellish your luau theme. Beyond fresh fruits, veggies, and grilled summer favorites, try incorporating Hawaiian dishes, like luauluau and hapia. Purchase coconuts. Crack them open and top them off with straws for guests.

Luau Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations

If your outdoor graduation party will go until dark, light up your outdoor venue with tiki touches, lanterns, and strings of lights. Set up signs and banners commemorating the recent graduate’s success and add color and tiki flavor to your venue with fake or real plants, colorful bunting, and fresh cut flowers.

Luau Graduation Party Ideas: Music

Give your luau graduation party even more tiki vibes with a Hawaii-themed playlist. Include Hawaii-born musicians like Brother IZ. Add songs with ukulele or slack key guitar. And, you can even include Hawaii icons like Elvis or surf rock musicians like Dick Dale. A Hawaii-themed playlist will add to your outdoor graduation party’s atmosphere tremendously.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording
Gold Luau Graduation Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Graduation Party Activities: Luau

In addition to using music to entertain guests, you can also hold hula hoop, limbo, and trivia contests. Award the winning guests with a luau or graduation themed prize. Try also incorporating some of the previously mentioned graduation party activities, like a photo booth or a sport such as volleyball.

Luau Graduation Party Invitations

Your outdoor graduation party invitation should introduce your tropical theme to guests. Do this by highlighting your theme with bright colors, tropical embellishments, and luau graduation invitation wording. Use the luau graduation invitations wording below for inspiration.

Graduation Party Invitation Wording Ideas: Luau

Hula on over to Stephanie’s

Luau Graduation Party

July 16 at noon

Sandy Beach

343 Seaside Road

Honolulu, HI


Aloha! You’re invited to

Stephen’s Luau Graduation Party

05.05.2016 at 12:00 pm

Rock Beach

1234 Stone Road

Seattle, WA

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording
Pink Hawaiian Flowers Graduation Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Hopefully you found these outdoor graduation party ideas helpful! Good luck planning for your outdoor graduation party. If you’re in need of more graduation ideas and graduation party invitation wording inspiration, make sure to check out GraduationWording.info.

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