Nursing Graduation Invitations and Party Ideas

Nursing Party Invitations and Ideas

It’s nursing graduation time! Whether you’ve finally finished nursing school after several years or completed an intensive short term program, you did it! You are going to be able to do what you do best, help people and make lives better. That being said, it’s time for you to celebrate. We have some great nursing graduation party ideas, including nursing graduation invitations to help you throw a magnificent celebration to honor the recent grad and all their dedication and hard work.

Nursing Party Invitations and Ideas
Nursing school graduation party ideas. Pink Scrubs nursing school graduation invitation by PurpleTrail.

Nursing Graduation Invitations

There are so many great nursing themed invitations to choose from. PurpleTrail has a stylish variety of nursing graduation invitations that you can personalize for your party. You’ll find all kinds of embellishments from the medical world and designs that range from traditional to stylish.  Photo invitations are a great way to create and instant keepsake of this moment in time too. Make your party extra fun by encouraging guests to dress up in costume on your nursing graduation invitations. Ask them to come as either a patient, nurse or doctor.


A nursing and medical theme celebration creates and opportunity for some fun decorations. A traditional color scheme of red and white is an easy color palette to work with. Lay out crisp white linens to create a sterile table top. Your could even use a flat white bed sheet, just make sure you iron it. Use light blue napkins to wrap up silverware like surgical tools. You can also make your own nurse hats for guests to wear. Add inspirational quotes to hang up or even hang up old medical charts (copy from textbooks) or medical models from the recent grad’s collection. Add jars of tongue depressors,  cotton balls and band-aid boxes to any table to carry out the medical theme.

Inspirational Quotes 

Save one life you are a hero. Save many lives you are a nurse.

When you’re a nurse you know that everyday you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.

Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts. ~ Charles Dickens

They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

Nurses may not be angels but they are the next best thing.

Nurses dispense comfort, caring and compassion without even a prescription.

Food and Drinks

A barbecue is always a great way to go when hosting a spring or summer graduation party. In honor of the grad, serve up his or her favorite dishes. You can think of creative names for the dishes like “night shift noodles” or “med meatballs” to help them fit in with your nursing party theme. For finger sandwiches, use a nurse hat shaped cookie cutter to shape them perfectly.  Look for candy band-aids, cherry flavored blood bags and bone shaped lollipops. Consider using novelty items like sterile sample containers filled with lemonade or test tube drinks. Fruit punch doubles as a blood like beverage or good old lemonade could be, well, you know.


There are lots of great ideas for cupcakes and cakes all adorned with nursing and medical themed details. Cookies with royal icing EKG lines, cake pops dressed like nurses, cake in the shape of torso frosted in scrubs are all cute dessert options. White chocolate dipped pretzels and embellished to to look like an thermometer would be a great addition to any dessert table too.


If you want to play games at your nursing graduation party, there are a few simple ones that you can play that are sure to be crowd pleasers. If you have children in attendance, playing pin the cross on the nursing hat is a great option. Draw a large nursing hat (or blow up a picture to poster size) and cut out red crosses for every player. Whoever gets his or her cross closest to the middle of the hat, wins. Another similar fun game is to play pin the band-aid on the boo-boo. Create a large cutout of a “patient” and give him an wound. Give players a band-aid, blindfold and spin them. Whoever gets closets to the wound wins. Test the new nurse’s speed at getting through a waiting room full of patients. Divide into two groups. Designate nurses and patients. Give the nurses kits filled with gauze, ace bandages, band-aids, eye patches, any leftover walking casts crutches or other medical aids you may have in your possession. Pre-write injuries for each patient and hand them out to each of the designated patients. The nurse who helps all of her or his patients first, wins. You could also create a nursing/medical jeopardy game. Instead of individual contestants, you could divide into three teams.


Add some fun music to help you set the right tone of the party. Help by the Beatles, I Want To Be Sedated by the Ramones,  Fix You by Cold Play, or even theme songs from ER, Miami Medical, Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, Emergency! or Nurse Jackie would all be great to add into your party playlist.

Party Favors

Give away small first aid kits or create your own nursing survival kit filled with treats. Another great ideas is is to fill pill bottles with jelly beans or create sugar cookies in the shape of nursing hats. Tie a thank you for coming note to any party favor in the shape of a band-aid.

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate a new nurse. Undoubtedly he or she has been working very hard for this moment and will be elated to celebrate with all the family and friend that have been there to support them in their nursing school journey. Be sure to take lots of photographs to capture this milestone celebration. A wonderful post party gift is a scrapbook of the new nurse’s journey from start to finish. Congratulations nurses and thank you for your dedication and hard work!




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