10 New Years Superstitions & Traditions That Influence Us Every Year

As extraordinary as they may be, New Years superstitions have made this holiday what it is today. From kissing your loved one at the stroke of midnight to wearing new duds into the new year to making a raucous with firecrackers, cheers, and noisemakers — New Years provides us with a plethora of illogical myths and customs which we succumb to year in and year out  without a second thought.

new years superstitions

If you’ve ever wondered why we do the things we do and where these New Years traditions originated, you’re in luck; this article will confront the most popular New Years superstitions and explain where they came from and what they mean.

Kissing at Midnight

Are you guilty of this one? Many people believe that kissing at midnight will ensure a positive and loving relationship in the new year. It is also believed that if you and your soul mate do not share a kiss at the stroke of midnight — the new year will lack affection.

Wearing New Clothes

Have you ever found yourself shopping for the perfect New Years outfit? It’s tradition to wear your finest getup on New Years and New Years Eve. This tradition originated from a belief that wearing new clothes into the new year will improve your chances of receiving new garments in the following year.

Sending New Years Cards

Although there is nothing superstitious about sending New Years cards — it’s a tradition, practiced by many, that we support to the fullest. As the New Year approaches, we encourage you to send all of the people you love the best; sharing good tidings and warm wishes will encourage friendships and happiness in the New Year. Search through our collection of customizable new years cards at PurpleTrail.com.

Simple Gold Foil Happy New Years Card by PurpleTrail.com
Simple Gold Foil Happy New Years Card by PurpleTrail.com


Don’t Cry

Try not to cry on New Years. Many believe that if you do, you will find the following year filled with misfortune and tears.

Stock Up

Superstition has it that your wallet and your cupboards should be fully stocked before entering the New Year. This supposedly will encourage wealth, prosperity, and a cornucopia of food for you and your family in the following year.

Resolve Debts

It’s believed that if you enter the new year with debt, you will be paying off debt all year long. This is one New Year superstition that is actually quite logical and needs no further explanation.

The First Footer

Many believe that the first person to enter your home in the New Year will determine what kind of year you will have. According to this superstition (which is offensively sexist) it’s bad luck if a woman is the first person to step into your home. It’s even worse if the woman has red or blond hair. Your home will be blessed with good luck if a man (without blond or red hair) is the “first footer.” Unless he has a unibrow, flat feet, or crossed eyes — because these are traits associated with bad luck.

new years superstitions
Fireworks over Seattle skyline.

Making Noise

We celebrate New Years with spectacular firework displays, noisemakers, and cheers. Why? Yes, it’s fun, and fireworks are gorgeous, but where did this tradition stem from? Well, apparently our culture developed these traditions around this wacky superstition: evil spirits hate loud noise. Making noise on the cusp of New Years supposedly scares away evil spirits and encourages peace and luck in the new year.

Don’t Do Laundry

Save your laundry for another day. Superstition says that doing laundry on New Years will “wash away” a friends or family member — meaning, cause their death.

Open Your Doors

At the stroke of midnight, let the old year pass unimpeded by opening all of the doors in your home.

Good Luck With Your New Years Superstitions

Hopefully your New Year will be filled with luck, prosperity, and happiness! Let us know if you and your family have any special New Years traditions or superstitions via the comment box below! Happy New Years!

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