New Year’s Resolutions To Keep for Life

With each New Year, many of us are determined to better ourselves and we create a list of New Year’s resolutions. The unfortunate part of this exercise is that we so rarely actually keep these New Year’s resolutions and then feel frustrated. So this year, try a new approach. Set New Year’s resolutions that you want to keep and then take it a step further. Create a custom journal to keep track and plan how you can incorporate these changes into your life. By creating a plan you may be more inclined to keep them!

PurpleTrail’s Important New Years’ Resolutions

1. Spend More Quality Time with Family. Plan a certain day of the week where you can all eat a meal together. Plan a family game night or movie night. Make it a part of your calendar so you can plan things around this family time, instead of fitting family time in.

2. Eat Less. Move More. Set your goal of how often and for how long you’d like to exercise. Then schedule it on your calendar. Arrange for childcare if needed and treat it like an appointment. To help you eat healthier. prepare healthy snacks for the week and place them in one portion containers. Keep them in an accessible, easy to see place so you don’t have to even think about it when you need a quick snack.

3. Travel. Create a list of places you want to travel to. Start with the most accessible trip and work your way down the list. Build your travel expenses into your budget and begin saving for your travels.

Black Gold Modern New Years Invite by
Black Gold Modern New Years Invite by

4. Give Back. Choose something you love to do and find a way to volunteer some time. If you love working with children, find a volunteer tutoring or mentoring program. Or if you love working with the elderly, visit your local retirement center and see what opportunities you can find.

5. Get Organized. Set aside 15 minutes of everyday to organize something. Whether it’s your purse, your desk, your car, or your kitchen cupboards, take at least fifteen minutes daily and dedicate it to organization. Soon, you’ll create the habit and your things will be in order before you know it.

Don’t forget to send out New Year’s cards to friends and family! PurpleTrail has a beautiful collection of New Year’s greeting cards that you can personalize.

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