Family New Years Eve Ideas

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year and are inviting families with children, everyone will have more fun if you plan some family-friendly party activities. By having some games and things to do geared towards the children, the adults will also have more time to themselves to enjoy the party. Check out these family New Years Eve ideas for inspiration while planning your big event.

New Years Eve Party Invitations

Family New Years Eve Ideas

Send Out Party Invitations So Families Can Plan Appropriately
When sending out your New Year’s Eve party invitations, make sure you specify that children are welcome. Tell them that there will games and activities for everyone. You might also suggest that small children bring their pajamas along, since they might not be able to stay awake until midnight. Set aside one room as a place where the younger children can sleep while their parents continue to enjoy the party. Provide blankets, cots or sleeping bags so that they will be comfortable.

Let the Children Decorate for New Year’s Eve
Instead of trying to decorate the house before the party, let the children do the decorating as a party activity. Have plenty of streamers, balloons, crepe paper, party hats and noisemakers on hand. Get a good supply of construction paper, crayons and markers and supply tape and scissors. Let the kids take over and the house will be decorated for the party in no time.

Plan Fun Party Snacks
Children and adults alike will enjoy fun party snacks, but children especially will have fun helping with the food preparations. Try baking a batch of cupcakes, and have frosting and plenty of cake decorating supplies on hand, so that children can decorate their own cupcake. Although it’s not a traditional New Year’s Eve food, making individual pizzas that everyone can add their own toppings to before baking is an easy way of making even picky eaters happy.

Plan Several Types of Entertainment
If you have more than one television, set aside different rooms for the adults and the children. If you have some children’s movies or holiday movies, those are prime for the kids area. If you don’t have any children’s movies, you can either rent some or get some from the public library in advance of the party. Meanwhile, the adults can watch the more traditional New Year’s Eve television shows, or watch a movie of their own.

Ring in the New Year at Midnight
Have plenty of noisemakers on hand so that children and adults alike can ring in the New Year at midnight. You can purchase these at a party supply store. However, it’s more fun to make your own with dried beans or small bells in plastic bottles or jars. Try rolling your own party horns from decorative paper. You can either have these made in advance, or make them as a party craft activity. So that everyone can have a toast at midnight to ring in the New Year, have some sparkling apple cider. Serve in clear plastic champagne glasses for the children. This is great for anybody else who might not choose to drink alcohol.

We hope you enjoyed these fun, family New Years Eve ideas.

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