Business Materials For New Jobs & Promotions

Congratulations! You’ve reached an impressive milestone in life, a new job or a well-deserved promotion. This is an exciting time in your life, certainly worthy of sending announcements or throwing a party in celebration. From business cards to marketing materials for your business, PurpleTrail has all the business materials you’ll need to prepare for this advancement in your career.


New Job & Promotion Announcement Wording Ideas

When sending out promotion and new job announcements, the idea is to come off as proud but not boastful. Your family and friends will certainly want to be informed of your new title, and sending out announcements is a great way to give them the details. Order your announcements with your other business materials as soon as you begin the new job or promotion. Here is some inspiration for your announcement wording:

Guess who got promoted?


Exciting news! A new chapter has begun.


Moving on and moving up!


A new job, new dreams.


Guess who is in charge now?


We are pleased to announce that Stacy has been promoted to a new title at her current company.


I am thrilled to announce that my partner in life is now partner at his law office!


I am happy to announce that I’ve accepted an offer to work for a new company.


We can’t wait any longer, we’re simply overjoyed

to announce that Paul is now self-employed!


A new chapter in my professional life has begun.


I’ve climbed up the corporate ladder!


New places, new faces, new job, new start.

Other Business Materials

Starting a new job sometimes means ordering new business materials with your new position or company. PurpleTrail has a large collection of business materials so you can choose the style that best suits your business. Customize this checklist to your personal needs:

___ Business cards. Nothing is better than handing a unique, custom business card to a potential client or person of interest. Choose a template that best suits your style and personalize it to your tastes.

___ Business letterhead. Look like the professional you are by sending out stationery with your customized business logo on top.

___ Customized envelopes with your logo and return address.

___ Brochures. Whether you’re distributing them at trade shows or showing them to prospective customers, brochures are vital marketing materials.

___ A professional email address. You may be given an email address by a new employer, but if you’ll be self-employed, consider a custom email address for professional purposes.

___ A website. This can host your professional portfolio, resume and even references.


Your Promotion Party

A new job or promotion is a great reason to gather your friends for a party in your honor. If you’re leaving your current company, it’s a wonderful chance to get together with your favorite co-workers to tell them how much you’ll miss them. You may choose to keep it simple with a backyard barbecue or a dinner party at your home. Or, if this is a huge career milestone, you may want to go all out and host a themed party. For suggested themes, the PurpleTrail party team recommends selecting something that suits the guest of honor or fits with the new job title.

  • If you’ve been promoted to management or CEO, consider having a party based on NBC’s “The Office.” You can have people dress up as characters from the show, decorate with notorious Michael Scott quotes, have a snack table courtesy of “the party planning committee” and give the guest of honor a “World’s Greatest Boss” mug. That’s what she said! You can also host a “Who’s the Boss” themed party and get decked out in ’80’s gear.
  • Choose a theme based on the guest of honor’s interests. If you love wine, have a wine tasting party with plenty of cheese, bread and chocolate. If you’re obsessed with Star Wars, have a Star Wars themed party. This is your chance to host the theme party you’ve always wanted!
  • Host a happy hour with old colleagues, new colleagues and friends. In addition to having a great time, your guests may do some productive networking!
  • Host an actual “Promotions party” and give your friends and family the chance to promote themselves! Whether they’re graphic designers, artists, poets or musicians, they’ll love the chance to show off their work while congratulating you on yours.

However you decide to announce this exciting time in life, remember to be humble, but also proud. In a competitive job market, receiving a new job or title is a great achievement worthy of celebrating.

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