Mustache Baby Shower Inspiration

Blue And Black Moustache Boy Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Hip, hip hooray, a little man is on his way! Throwing a mustache baby shower is cute idea for any mom-to-be expecting a bundle of boy. Erin from our design team created a stunning inspiration board drawing from one of PurpleTrail’s boy baby shower invites. A little mustache can be used in a variety of ways throughout the baby shower in food and decorations.

Little Boy Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower inspiration board

The Invitations. You definitely can set the tone with these adorable mustache invitations. The black and gray pinstripes give a gentlemanly feel to these mustache invites and the turquoise color accents keep the invite light and stylish to balance out the dark masculine elements. Send these baby shower invites out 3 to 4 weeks in advance to give guests plenty of time to plan accordingly.

The Decor. , You can never go wrong with black and white for a masculine theme. Adding in a little turquoise accent keeps the color scheme young and casual. A patterned bunting hanging over the food table and, simple floral arrangements will keep the space clean and fresh. Incorporating mustaches is also key! Free hand or find patterns for mustaches to adhere to craft sticks or skewers so each guest can have their own mustache. Be sure to get a picture of each guest wearing their mustache to create a photo keepsake guest book. Mustache cupcake or cake toppers along with mustache water bottle labels are other great ways to incorporate the little man theme.

The Food. Though there aren’t a lot of foods that resemble mustaches, you can make mustache shaped foods! Chocolate molds for homemade sweet mustaches, mustache cookie cutters for tea sandwiches, or even cut cheese slices in the shapes of mustaches. Dip pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles for a fun light snack- use rods or, traditional, pretzel knots. Whatever food you choose to serve you can tie in the mustache theme by naming it something typically associated with being a man or little boy. Potato salad could be “couch potato salad”, a spicy thai salad could be “here comes trouble salad”, sandwiches, could be “manwiches”, iced tea could be “gentleman’s tea” etc. Bow tie pasta salad and tortellini pastas also make good mustache party food.

The Activities. Create 3 x 5 cards embellished with mustaches for guests to write advice to the expecting parents. Print out a poster size picture of either the mother or father as baby and play pin the mustache on the baby. Ask guests to write words of advice starting with each letter used in Mustache. For example M- Make time for yourself, U-Use your friends and family as resources, S-Sleep when the baby sleeps, T-Tickle time is the best time, A-Ask for help when you need it, C-Call your mom, she understands, H-Have patience, E-Enjoy each day.

The Party Favors. Mustache chocolates would be a hit. Or, you can print out pictures of famous mustache men and adhere them to magnets. These piggy bank mustache jars are also very cute. Attach these darling mustache party favor ties to the package!

The Party Decorations. has an easy to use design center that allows you to create a range of custom party decorations such as a custom party banner or a customizable framed print to match your party theme.

Enjoy the little man mustache bash!

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