Murder Mystery Themed Party Decorations

Hosting a murder mystery party? Most of the party planning elements hinge on the theme of your murder mystery party. Select a theme and send out murder mystery dinner party invitations a few weeks before your party. You’ll want to assign every guest a character in the party invitation so they come dressed in costume. As for your murder mystery themed party decorations, here are few sample themes and decoration ideas to help inspire you. These party suggestions are intended for adult parties.

Murder Mystery Black Dinner Party Invitation by
Murder Mystery Black Dinner Party Invitation by

Trailer Park Theme

A murder in your trailer park…This is a fun, light hearted theme. It isn’t meant to put anyone down, just exaggerate certain elements of what we know of the Hollywood version of trailer park life. Start by hanging a clothesline inside. Hang up tighty whites, white tank tops, daisy duke cutoffs, and other clothes in this vain. Place a couch or chair on your porch or lawn if able. Create beer can garland by stringing empty beer cans up. Hang pictures of Larry the Cable guy and perhaps an American flag (respectfully) on your wall. Put a copy of you know you’re a redneck if… on the back your toilet. Create a beauty station in the bathroom with dep and aquanet. Hang up tacky signs that say things like, “git her done”. Have country music or hair band music playing in the background.


Tropical or Hawaiian Theme

A murder in paradise! A dream vacation gone bad. If weather permits, have the main party outside. Light Tiki torches and, hang, bright colored paper lanterns. Scatter lei’s on the buffet table. Large, colorful tropical flowers are great accents anywhere in the party area. Float candles and flowers in clear bowls. Place whole and half coconuts on the buffet table as well. Provide paper umbrellas for drinks. Create a grass skirt for the tables. Serve food in colorful dishes. Play Hawaiian music or music with a tropical theme. Think bright and bold for a Hawaiian theme murder mystery party.

Old Hollywood Glam

Scandal and secrets. To stage a murder in a glamorous Hollywood setting keep everything very formal and elegant. Roll out a red carpet for guests to enter on. Use white linens on the buffet and accent with lace doilies. Use silver serving dishes and use real plates, glasses and flatware. Dine by candlelight and keep the lights low. Play music of the 30’s and 40’s – jazz and big band. Accent with large upright floral arrangements, use roses or lilies and crystal vases. Purchase long strands of pearl garland and hang from chandeliers or dress up curtains with it. Anything elegant and a little over the top is perfect for an old Hollywood murder mystery party.

Enjoy the mystery!

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