Milestone Birthday Surprise Party Ideas

Lips Sealed Surprise Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail

Whether someone you love is celebrating the quarter-century mark or turning the big 5-0, milestone birthdays are a great reason to celebrate. Some parties are thrown with comedic flair, such as the “Over the Hill” themes, while others are more graceful celebrations. Whatever the theme, surprising the birthday boy or girl is a sweet way to honor their special day. We’ve put together some milestone birthday surprise party ideas to help you have your best celebration yet. From surprise birthday party invitations to birthday party favors , we’ve got you covered.


Surprise Party Invitations

Lips Sealed Surprise Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail
Lips Sealed Surprise Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail

Browse PurpleTrail’s collection of surprise party invitations and select the design that best fits the tone of your party. Remember, each invitation can be personalized in our design center. Make sure you clearly state on the invitations that the guest of honor must be left in the dark! Also, do not randomly send out invites to everyone in their address book. Talking with a few close friends or relatives will help you narrow down the individuals that are important to the guest of honor.  Mention the venue with a map and directions. Invitations should be sent at least three weeks before the date so that the guest have time to plan. Don’t forget to mention the party theme in the invitation and ask all your guests to come attired in accordingly, if necessary. It can also be fun to ask the guests to bring along a picture of the honoree to share with everyone.

Milestone Birthday Planning:

Surprise Party Ideas and Tips

Important points to remember :

  • Make sure the guest of honor actually likes surprise parties, and if he/she doesn’t, then do not proceed.
  • Make sure the date is free for the guest of honor. Arrange for someone to make plans with the honoree for the evening. They will be the one who will trick the guest of honor and bring him/her to the party venue. Be sure that the plans they arrange are significant enough so that the honoree doesn’t casually cancel the plans at the last minute. Ask them to give you a call before arriving at the party so you can prepare everyone.
  • To plan a truly successful surprise party, you need to get into “Charlie’s Angels mode.” Include only trustworthy friends in the planning so that someone doesn’t accidentally slip up and ruin the surprise.
  • Make sure all of the guests arrive at least 30 minutes before the guest of honor. Ask guests to park their cars around the corner or in a less prominent place. This will prevent someone from showing up at the same time as the guest of honor, and he/she won’t see a long line of familiar cars lining the street or in the parking lot.
  • Lastly, make sure you have a camera ready to take pictures of the surprised look on the face of the honoree when they figure it out!

Theme ideas:

It is good to design the party around activities  that the guest of honor enjoys and celebrates.
  • If the honoree loves pets, then make their celebration include their house pet and make it a theme to remember.
  • A “Backward Bash” could be among the greatest surprise party ideas. Asking your guests to wear clothes inside out and present the party food in reverse order. Music from another era, and old fashions at the bar. If you choose to throw a surprise party, keep in mind that it can be tricky, especially if the guest of honor is usually the first one to figure out secrets.
  • A Hawaiian luau or Mexican fiesta is a well-loved party theme.
  • Host a party themed around the decade they were born, such as a 70’s disco theme. You can always provide an outfit or props for the guest of honor once they’ve realized it’s their party!

Milestone Birthday Party Venue:

As it is a surprise party, considering an unexpected venue. It would be great idea to hold the party at a restaurant or a party room. Holding a party at your home or your friend’s home is also a good option, assuming guests’ cars can be hidden. If a night out is more to your liking, you can arrange for party buses that cater to large groups. Then ask your guest of honor to meet you somewhere public and surprise them with a bus full of friends and family for a night out.

Milestone Birthday Activities:

  • Once everyone has arrived at the party you can ask your guests to share their fondest or funniest memory of the guest of honor. This activity will bring smiles to everyone, as remembering good times is a favorite for everyone.
  • Place a photo album, a stack of index cards, and a pen on a table. Ask each guest to stick the photo (which you have asked them to bring along) in the album along with a clever caption on the index card relating to his or her photo. At the end of the night, the guest will have a good time looking through the photos and the honoree will have a permanent and humorous memory to take home.

Everyone should enjoy celebrating their milestone birthdays, whether is is a teenager celebrating their sweet 16 or a grandparent who is turning 90. However you decide to celebrate, remember to take plenty of pictures of this party because, like it or not, the birthday guest will never be the same age again! Another thing to definitely do is to get a birthday guestbook for these parties, so the guest of honor can always look back on this day and remember who all was there for them, and what they wrote, if anything.

Surprise party ideas come in all shapes and forms, and from many sources of inspiration. Do some searching of your own and see if you can’t knock it out of the park. We hope our milestone birthday surprise party ideas have inspired you.


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