Memorial Day

There are many reasons to celebrate during Memorial Day weekend. Send out memorable Memorial Day invitations and take some time to remember what this holiday is all about. Get your American flags ready and enjoy every minute of the long weekend with good friends and family by throwing a grand Memorial Day celebration.

Make sure to have fun and enjoy your celebration, but keep in mind what this holiday is all about. Yes, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, the opening of swimming pools, and the end of the school year.  But what Memorial Day really represents is remembrance and observance of our freedom and soldiers who have fought and died fighting for it. Take time to respect and honor all the men and women who have dedicated themselves to our country this memorial. If that’s not something worth celebrating for, than I don’t know what is. Use our list of memorial day party tips and suggestions to throw a slamming celebration honor of everything Memorial Day represents!

Memorial Day Party Decorations

There’s no such thing as being too patriotic, especially on Memorial Day. A red-white-and blue theme helps us remember our veterans.

  • No symbol is more fitting than the American flag. Now they are even easier to display, with flag poles made specifically for decks, yards and picnics and even tailgate parties! Remember if you’re flying an American flag, it flies at half-mast until noon.
  • Decorate with red, white and blue balloons, flowers, vases, tablecloths and tableware.
  • Cloth napkins not only add style to your holiday, but they wont blow away as easily as paper ones.
  • String red, white and blue fairy lights in trees and bushes to add a cool glow after the sun goes down. For a more elegant touch, hang mini lanterns on a string above your party area.
  • Make some red, white and blue floral arrangements using simple carnations put in glass vases. Add a small flag to each vase, and place them around your home.
  • If you buy patriotic confetti to decorate tables, plan on doing a lot of clean up because confetti never stays in one place. 


Many of us save our patriotic partyware for the 4th of July and even Labor Day, but you can make those decorations work double-duty by using them for Memorial Day as well. Instead of decorations you will throw away after the weekend, choose quality patriotic accents that you use again for other holidays.

Memorial Day Invitations

  • To send invitations to your Memorial Day party you can personalize any of PurpleTrail’s magnificent Memorial Day invitations to send to guests.

Memorial Day Party Favors

  • Little American flags, flag key chains…anything with a flag on it works.
  • Make favor bags for the kids with balloons, crayons and fun patriotic jewelery.
  • You could even make each adult guest a favor by putting together a small bag of summer essentials like sunscreen and bug spray. They might even need them the day of the party.

No matter how you spend your Memorial Day weekend, enjoy the time together with family and friends. As you eat, play, and celebrate, youre making new memories to laugh about in the years to come.

Have some more great memorial day party ideas? Please send them to us at We love to hear from you!


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