Mardi Gras Kids Party Ideas

Mardi Gras is a very fun holiday that is celebrated around the world. New Orleans generally has one of the best celebrations for Mardi Gras. You can take some of the fantastic New Orleans traditions and create a wonderful Mardi Gras party for kids. We’ve put together some great Mardi Gras kids party ideas to help you throw an amazing Fat Tuesday celebration.


Set the tone by sending out fun and festive Mardi Gras invitations. You can customize them to coordinate with your party theme. A fanfare of masks and beads; purple, gold and green are the traditional colors incorporated into Mardi Gras stationery and decor. Whether you send your Mardi Gras invitations online or in the mail, you can find great designs to personalize.

Mardi Gras Beads Invite by


Floats- Give each guest a shoebox and plenty of things to decorate it with. Things like crete paper, feathers, beads, figurines, and any other sparkly bauble you can think of. Line them up for a parade of festive floats!

Masks- Get some craft foam and cut out masquerade style masks or purchase simple pre-made ones. Provide paint, beads, feathers, sparkles, string and chop sticks. Have kids decorate the masks and you can either punch small holes to attach string for wearing or glue a chopstick to one side of the mask so kids can hold the mask up to their face.

King and Queen- Provide costumes for kids to dress up like the king and queen of the Mardi Gras parade.

Musical Chairs with Zydeco or Jazz. Set up chairs (one less than number participating) and play some traditional Zydeco or New Orleans Jazz. Once the music stops everyone must find a chair. The kiddo left without a chair is out. Continue play until only 1 child is left in the game!


You can keep the decorations pretty simple since the focus will likely be the games and food. Be sure to include traditional purple, green, gold colors in a whatever you use to decorate. A spectacular centerpiece with white flowers and purple, green and gold accents makes a great addition to the food table. Balloons, streamers and of course beads are great decoration ideas that can be used anywhere at the party venue. Check out to create your own custom party banner to match your party decorations perfectly.


You can serve a variety of traditional Mardi Gras food including:


Dirty Rice


King Cake

If you can’t find kid friendly versions of these foods, you can serve things like macaroni and cheese, mild chili, mini pizzas, or finger sandwiches.

We hope that you have found some great kids Mardi Gras party ideas. Have fun at your Mardi Gras celebration!

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