Luau Party Games and Activities

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Aloha! Summer is on the way and with it comes luau season. Luaus are fun for all ages, especially kids. Hosting a successful luau party for your child takes more than festive luau party invitations, decorations and food. Your guests will want to be entertained with fun luau games and activities. Providing the right kind of entertainment according to the party theme will ensure you and your child have a memorable event. Our party experts have some great luau party games and activities for you to enjoy.

Limbo: This party game is a fun classic. Put on some music, grab an old broom, and see how low they can go.

Imitate An Animal: This is an awesome game for a luau birthday party. For this game you will need to prepare 2 bowls filled with paper notes – one that has the names of the guests and other with the activity you want them to perform. Some examples of activities are “wiggle like a fish” or “roar like a lion”. The birthday child then gets to pick one name and one activity and then announce what the guest needs to perform. Everyone will love the game and it is bound to get a ton of laughs. The best performer can be rewarded with a prize, which usually makes everyone do their best!

Dig For Treasure: Fill up a couple of kiddie pools with sand, and bury “treasure” inside (coins, jewelry, figurines). Give the kids plastic shovels and buckets and let them dig for treasure.

Dress Up Relay Game: This is a very funny game and a hit for any party. For this game you will have to prepare male and female outfits ahead of time. Male outfits could include a shirt, hat, pants, shoes and a tie and the women outfits could include a blouse, skirt, hat, shoes, necklace and a purse. Then divide your guests into 2 teams and make them stand on different sides of the yard or party area. When the game starts, the first guest for each team needs to put on an outfit and run to the opposite side of the yard or party area. Then they have to take off their outfit and hand it to the next team member. The game continues until this process has been completed for all the team members. The team to finish first wins the game.

Grabbing the sea animals: For this game you need to fill a large tub or small kids swimming pool with water. Then collect some floating items like plastic fish, shells, flip flops, rubber ducks, etc and place them in the water. Mark each item on the underside with a permanent marker as 1, 2 or 3. Then make 3 prize bags full of some nice little gifts like candy bars, necklaces, pencils etc. Give each child a turn trying to get an item from the tub. The kids need to keep their hands behind their backs and are supposed to grab an item from the tub using their teeth. Then they get a prize bag according to the number they got.

For other luau party games and tips for making your child’s luau their best party yet, check out this blog post from the PurpleTrail party team. Aloha!

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