Budget Holiday Party – Host a 20-person party for $120 or less!

As you prepare your holiday party invitations this year think about ways you can save money. We are here to help. We’ve compiled some great budget holiday party ideas that allow you to, host a party for 20 people, for under $120!

Holiday Party Invitations


Budget Holiday Party Ideas

Invitations: Use PurpleTrail free online holiday party invitations. You get the ease of all PurpleTrail’s RSVP management modules. You can add games, bring along lists and polls to get your guests engaged in your holiday party before it begins! Cost to you: $0

BYOB: Have guests each bring a bottle of wine. Set a price limit of no more than $12 a bottle. Cost to you: $0.

Champagne: If you are planning on have a champagne toast, think about using a less expensive sparkling white wine or the Italian Prosecco. Add a little pizzazz with a splash of pomegranate juice and add in a few pomegranate seeds. Estimated cost: $25. For non-drinkers put out pitchers of water with mint leaves or slices of lemon and lime.

Food:, Create a crock-pot meal of chili or meatballs in marinara. It serves plenty for minimum cost. For meatballs, make a large pot of noodles and a side of crusty bread. For chili, make a side of cornbread. For dessert set out cubed pound cake, strawberries and orange slices and melt some chocolate on the stove and let guests dip for a delicious treat. Then you don’t even need dessert plates, just bamboo skewers. You might already have most of the ingredients in your pantry and freezer! Estimated cost: $25

Decorations: Just visit your backyard and collect some pine cones and tree branches. Purchase a can of gold or silver spray paint and coat the branches and pine cones. Place along your mantle and in the center of the table. Take your vases and fill with raw cranberries and add painted branches for a wintry, elegant feel. Set out tealights and votive candles and you’ve got a winter wonderland. You can even get the kids involved and have them cut out snowflakes to hang with fishing line from the ceiling. For added elegance, fill vases with varying water levels and add a drop of food coloring to to water to match your color scheme (blue works well with silver decor). Then you float flowers on top for a beautiful centerpiece. Estimated cost: $10-$15

Flatware, Drink ware, Plates and Napkins:, Put out all your mismatched silverware and call it eclectic. Use those fabulous wine glasses you got for your wedding but have yet to pull out of the box. Mix stemware with dinner glasses for drinks. It’s perfectly acceptable to drink red wine from a, short tumbler! Use real dishes. Who cares if they are mismatched. It’s fun and can be a great conversation piece (bring out that red ‘You are special today’ plate). If you don’t have enough, purchase inexpensive white appetizer plates. For the napkins, use plain white napkins and have the kids stamp stars or snowflakes on them. Estimated cost: $0 if you have enough dishes and flatware; $20 if you have to purchase a few plates and forks.

Party Favors: Purchase clear glass ornaments. Use the last of the red nail polish and paint each guest’s name on the ornament. Add glitter to them if you wish. They are an easy, pretty ornament that your guest can use for years to come! Estimated cost: $10



You can put together a beautiful, simple holiday party without breaking the bank. Total cost estimated here, $100. Enjoy this festive season with friends and family. Happy Holidays!


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Happy Holidays!


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