Little Lady Baby Shower

Chalkboard Elephant Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Inviting guests to a little Lady Baby Shower all starts with sweet and lovely baby shower invitations. The invitations set the tone for the splendor to come. A Little Lady Baby Shower is a delightful way to celebrate a new baby girl coming into the world. Esther from our design team created this inspiration board to help you create a sensational baby shower for someone special.

Girl Baby Shower Inspiration

The Invitations. Set the scene for the party with the baby shower invitations. The invites featured here are sweet and simple. The black chalkboard background features white and pink test and a cute little baby elephant embellishments. It’s not overly, girly, but remains feminine.

The Decorations. Stick to soft, pastel colors to highlight a gentle ladylike ambiance. You can also carry the chalkboard theme and elephant from the invitations into the decor. Write the menu on a chalkboard or provide chalkboards for guests to write special messages to the mom to be to be read before the end of the shower. A beautiful soft pink bunting highlighting the buffet table along with pink florals are also lovely accents.

The Food., Serve tea in sweet cups and saucers and bite sized petit fours and tea sandwiches. You can turn any of the mom to be’s favorite dishes into little lady fare just by naming it accordingly. Curry pea salad becomes “Princess Pea Salad”, Spice cake turns into “Sugar and Spice Cake”, Cucumber sandwiches turn into, “Little Lady Bites”. Get creative!

The, Activities. Create a matching game of famous ladies and what they are known for throughout history. Create a poster size photo of the mom to be as a baby and play pin the hair bow on the baby. Create 3 x5 cards with a little elephant embellishment on it and ask guests to fill out advice on how to be a modern little lady for the new baby. As the hostess, put all these cards together in a book with photos from the shower. It’s something the mom to be and the baby can treasure.

The Party Favors. Light pink nail polish or lip gloss would be lovely party favors for guests. Small containers of sugar and cinnamon accompanied by a cookie recipe labeled “sugar and spice” would also be very fun to give. Tins of sweet mints or a mini rose bushes in pink or white would all make great party favors.

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