Le Petit Prince Party Ideas

The French aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, was a true genius when he wrote his story of Le Petit Prince. Full of imagination, special details, and a message that is pertinent to both kids and adults, it is a classic book that recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. What a beautiful theme for a first birthday party! If the book holds special interest for you and your child, here are some party ideas to bring the theme alive:

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Send out invitations either in the shape of stars in the universe or as the Asteroid B612 that the Prince lives on in his world. Inside or on the back of the invitation provide the party details.

The colors for the party can match those in the book, light blue and yellow. Buy balloons, streamers, and tableware to mix and match these solid colors.

For additional decorations, place stars all over the party room, as well as large planets that the Prince goes visiting, these should be numbered 325 to 330.

Roses and sheep also play a large role in this tale. Sheep could also be cut out and placed throughout the party room. Have a bunch of roses as a centerpiece on your party table.

Have the kids draw their own sheep upon arrival to the party, much the way the Prince is asked to draw a sheep in the tale.
Make small gold crowns, and have the kids wear them throughout the party.

If older kids are attending, have them make paper Mache planets that they can number 325-330.

The Prince meets several “adults” along his way as he explores the planets. Play games that relate to each of these characters. As a few examples:

The King controls the stars and the Businessman owns them in the book, or so they think. Have a Star Treasure Hunt where the kids must find as many hidden stars as possible. Place numbers on the back of each star and have the kids order them numerically after all of the stars have been found.

Just as the Lamplighter must continually light the lamp to the point of exhaustion, play Pin the Light on the Lamp.

As a party favor, hand out a rose to each child. It will be special because it is their own rose to keep.

For the menu, enjoy all types of foods cut into star shapes, small sandwiches, cookies, fruits, Jell-O jigglers, moon pies, and wands made out of flavored Rice Krispie treats.

As a party favor, send the kids home with the rose, as well as glow-in-the-dark stars for their bedrooms, small Le Petit Prince bath books would also be a good choice.


Article Submitted by Lisa Kothari

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