Ladybug Girl Party Inspiration

Does your daughter love the book Ladybug Girl by husband and wife team, Jacky Davis and David Soman? This is the story of a little girl, Lulu, who, in ladybug attire – red-and-black polka-dot wings, a red tutu, and antennas – makes up her own fun when her parents and big brother dont have time to play with her. Its all about making your own fun and Lulu does just that with Bingo, her Basset Hound. Lulu saves ants in distress and jumps through shark-infested puddles too! What a creative story that children love to use their imagination to create their own world of fun. Its a great storybook to give as a gift, or to build a Ladybug Party around as well.For your party invitation, use heavy red card stock and cut out large round red spots. Do the same with heavy black card stock, but cut out slightly smaller circles. Glue the black circles onto the large red spots. Provide all of your party details on the black spots using silver gel pens and send them to your guests.

Use red and black paper supplies for your tablecloth, cups, plastic ware, and plates. Additionally, any party supply can become ladybug-esque by cutting out black spots and placing it on red decorative products.

For a centerpiece idea, buy small flowerpots and one large flowerpot. Have your birthday child and guests stamp their fingerprints on the pots with red paint and have them paint the black dots onto the ladybug bodies. The guests can keep these as a goody item. Use the large pot as a centerpiece and make mini-dirt cups with gummy worms inside. The children can eat these as an additional party dessert.

Upon the guests arrival, give the children ladybug attire to wear during the party: antennae made out of a plastic headband, black pom poms, and black pipe cleaners.

For Activities:

Supply each guest with a bug catcher kit that has a net and a clear plastic bug holder. Release real ladybugs and have them try and catch as many as they can. Another goody bag idea is to have the kids take their container of ladybugs home with them and release them in their own backyards.

Print out interesting ladybug facts and tape a different one to clear plastic containers for the children to learn something about the ladybug.


Play Pin the Spot on the Ladybug!

Cut out hundreds of black spots and write Ladybug on the backs of a few of them. Tape the spots everywhere: indoors where the guests will enter or all around the party table. Toward the end of the party, have the children collect all of the spots. The ones who find the spots with Ladybug written on the back win a prize!

, Party Tip: Note pads, pencils, and erasers with ladybugs on them are perfect choices.

, Dont forget to make a batch of Ladybug Cupcakes. Frost the cupcakes with red frosting (use red food coloring to tint vanilla frosting) and add small round black candies to make the ladybug spots. This would make an additional fun party activity for the children.

, Have an excellent ladybug adventure with these ideas!

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids’ party planning company. Visit our experts page to read more about Lisa Kothari and our party planning experts.

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