Labor Day Party Decorations

Labor day is the unofficial end of summer. School has ether started or will start shortly and it means summer is mostly, already behind us. There’s no better way to spend Labor Day then to have a Labor Day party. So send out your Labor Day party invitations and get inspired with these ideas for, Labor Day party decorations.

Table Decor. Get some red and white Gerber daisies. Find, 4 to 5 square vases that are 4 inches or so in height. Trim the daises to fit tightly in the vases with no stem showing above the rim of the vase. Line them up closely, alternating red and white bunches along the center of the table. Accent with royal blue table cloth. Serve food on colorful plates that coordinate with the tablescape.

Outdoor lighting. Save your mason, jam and salsa jars for Labor Day. Add into each jar red, white or blue sand (check our your craft stores) about a third of the way up the jar. Wrap the top of the jar with heavy gage wire (or use a clipped wire hanger) and create a secure loop to hook the jar onto a fence, tree branch or porch post. Add in red, white or blue tealights or votives and you have instant ambiance.

Cardboard stars. This is a fun activity for the kids to help with. Cut out varying sizes of cardboard stars. Wrap in tin foil and punch a hole in the top. String them up with twine and create beautiful star garland to hand indoors or out. You could also use red, white or blue construction paper or scrapbook paper too.

Set up “no labor” signs. Hang a sign on the front door that let’s guests know they are in for some relaxation this Labor Day. “Come on in and relax!”, “Celebrating Labor Day one lemonade at a time!”, Place them around the party area as a reminder that Labor Day is truly meant to serve as time off for working so hard all year long.

Bubbles. Set out bubbles for the kids (and adults). You can find great bubble toys and wands on sale right before Labor Day since the season is coming to a close. Blowing bubbles is a favorite activity, for the kids and is also, incredibly relaxing.

Party Favors. Give everyone little battery operated personal fans. That way they can sit with there feet up, relax and stay cool.

Enjoy your Labor Day celebration! You’ve earned it!

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