Kids Spa Party Ideas & Planning Tips

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Get the kids ready for school with a back to school spa party! A kids spa party is a fun way to have a one last hurrah before the new school year begins. We’ve put together a little kids spa party inspiration for you along with some tips for a successful party!

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Kids Spa Party Ideas

Kids Spa Party Planning Tips

When planning a kids spa party you have to keep a few basic things in mind:

  • the age of the party goers
  • keeping spa tools sanitary
  • budget
When creating the plan for your spa party, keeping the age of the kids in mind is critical.
Tips for kids under 10
  • Keep polish color choices fairly basic and simple – some parents may not be cool with their 7 year old coming home with black nails.
  • Have a few extra capable (adult or teen) hands available to help those who aren’t able to paint their own nails.
  • Think simple spa treatments. Cut and shape nails, a soak in some warm soapy water and polish. They won’t sit still for much else. Let the other activities be slightly less structured and set up stations for hair and beauty (i.e. lip gloss) that they can go at their own pace.
Tips for over 10
  • Encourage guests to bring their own favorite nail polish. At this point they may be developing their own style and may be very selective in what they like.
  • Offer more trendy options – neon and black may be more acceptable on the upper end of pre-teen , to early teen spectrum.
  • Add in a beauty treatment beyond the, regimen of nail shaping, soak, and polish. Consider natural, facemasks, of greek yogurt or honey and olive oil. They are inexpensive to create and don’t have any harsh chemicals for young skin. Make sure no one has allergies to whatever you choose!
  • Give them space. Let them sit and hang out without every moment being controlled.
Tips for keeping tools sanitary:
  • If your budget allows, create little kits for everyone that includes clippers, nail file, and soaking dish.
  • If your budget does not allow for individual kits, consider asking guests to bring their own clippers and nail files. The soaking dishes can be as simple as plastic bowls from Ikea.
  • If you are sharing nail clippers sanitize with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide between uses.
Budget Tips
  • Establish your budget at the very beginning of your party planning.
  • Be realistic. You don’t have to have it be fancy for it to be fun.
  • Get creative. Make the nail kits the party favors, order small bottles of nail polish online, make it a dessert party to limit food budget.
  • Use things you already have for decor! You already have towels and such, just dress them up with a fancy fold or ribbon. It doesn’t have to take a lot to create a fun and relaxing environment!
We hope your kids spa party is a success!
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