10 Great Birthday Party Games For Kids

Aqua Spa Girl Birthday Party Invitation

Birthday parties are supposed to be a fun activity. But with all the party preparation involved, they can be a bit overwhelming. Try not to stress. Use this list to help you get through the party planning process. Here comes 10 great birthday party game ideas your kids will love. Incorporating these birthday party games into into your celebration is a great way to liven up your child’s special event! And, if you haven’t purchased your kids birthday party invitations yet, make your own on PurpleTrail.com.

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Birthday Party Game Ideas for Ages 2 to 4

Free play time

At that age, you shouldn’t worry about planning out very many organized activities. Have some balls to play with. Maybe start a game of toss the cushion, or just let the kids play. Two-year-olds are just learning about taking turns and the like. You can break the free play time up by offering food, the birthday cake, and opening presents with free play time in between.

Bubble magic

Go outside and give each parent different bubble wands and solution. Count to three and begin the chorus of bubbles. Toddlers and below will have a wonderful time scrambling after the bubbles.

Provided the weather allows it, you could fill a wading pool with bubble solution. Let the kids play with a number of different bubble tools. Or place a hula-hoop in the pool and have the birthday guest of honor stand in the center. Slowly lift the hoop up and everybody will enjoy seeing the birthday babe in a bubble!

How Far Can You Fly Your Airplane Game

Make a paper airplane for each child. Be sure to weigh down the nose (use a paper clip), so that the plane will fly straight. Put each child’s name on a plane. Have the children line up across a wall. Tell them to throw their planes when you count to three. The child that tosses their plane the farthest wins the game. Your little guests will go wild over this fun birthday party game idea!

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Birthday Party Game Ideas for Ages 4 to 6

Clean Your Room

For “Clean Your Room” you’ll need a bunch of old, balled up socks and a jump rope. Divide the group into 2 teams (we played kids vs grownups). Lie the jump rope on the ground. Divide the two teams on either side of the jump rope. To play, toss the socks out at the other team, whilst yelling ”CLEAN YOUR ROOM”. The object of the game is to get all the socks on the other side (never happens – just play until everyone collapses into silliness). You can’t go wrong with this fun and simple birthday party game.

Find your shoe and Tie the Lace Game

Have all the kids take there shoes off and put them in a pile in the middle of the room, then have the kids sit on the floor in a circle around the shoes (backs must be facing pile of shoes). On the count of three all the kids have to find there shoes, put them on, and tie them. Once they finished, who ever stands up and raises there arms the fastest wins. We played this game with my nephew, who is 5, and his school friends loved it. And it’s so cute to watch!

Treasure Hunt

Nothing is more fun than a treasure hunt, especially for the children who read or been told stories of pirate gold or hidden treasure. To organize a fun treasure hunt for your kids, start by prepare a long string for each child. Trail it around chairs and under tables, through as many rooms of the house as you want the children to enter. You can place and tie a small surprise, like a lollipop or several candies wrapped in gold or silver foil, to the end of each string. You can make this a long or a short search. The kids will be thrilled when they find the prize at the end of their strings.

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Birthday Party Game Ideas for 7 to 10 year Old Kids

Puzzle Games

Your kids will love this puzzle game. It will take a bit of preparation time, but the work is worth all the pleasure your kids will get out of this activity. To begin, get a large piece of Styrofoam board. One for each guests. Paint each board a different color, solid red or blue, for example. Now, use a bread knife to cut the boards into strange shaped pieces. For 4 to 5-year-olds, three pieces is enough. 6 to 8-year-olds can handle four or five. From there on up, six or seven pieces should work.

Now, scatter the pieces from all the boards around the backyard. Designate each team an area to assemble their puzzle. Three members will work on assembly, while one person can run out and get the other pieces. The first team to find and assemble their entire puzzle wins.

Twenty Questions Game

One player is “IT” and leaves the group, while the other players choose an object in the room. “IT” returns and tries to guess the object. He can ask 20 questions of the group members, all of which must be answered by yes or no. He asks his questions of each person in turn, so that all are asked at least one question. If “IT” guesses the object, someone else becomes “IT”. Otherwise he is “IT” again for the next game.

Number Game

Set up a circle of numbers on the ground and have everyone stand on a number. Begin playing festive music and have everyone walk from number to number. Draw a number from a hat and then stop the music. Whoever is standing on that number when the music stops is the winner! I have played this game at many school carnivals where the prize is a cake. But, you can give away something different.

Plan a hike or a nature trail

Take your kid and his/her friends outdoors for the day or for a few hours. You could explain photosynthesis to the kids. Or point out the different kinds of trees, flowers, and birds. You could have a small picnic outdoors or opt for something fast and easy, like pizza, after the trek.

Different party games ideas would work great for different age groups. So you need to be very careful choosing your games. Make sure to let the kids have a say. After all, they are the ones who would decide if the game’s a hit! Although coming up with a great Birthday games idea is little challenging and requires some creativity on the part of the host; with proper selection and planning you can be sure the end result will be worth it. Keep in mind that the kids will always recall what they did at a party much more than what they ate at the party. To make your event a success go all out with the games, and don’t forget to have some great prizes.

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