It’s All About Creativity

We found a great kids craft idea on We thought this idea would be a great way to start up summer in a crafty way. It’d be a great, activity, for a , kids party. You can mention it in your party invitations and kids could bring pictures or old magazines to use. It’s called an “All About Me Board”. It’s a way for kids to create a collage representative of what they love and feel represent them best. It’s a chance for you to help facilitate their creativity.

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Here’s how to get started:

  • You’ll need a large piece of poster board.
  • Gather up pictures your child loves, magazines, artwork by your child, ribbons and other types of embellishments, or anything that will stick to the poster.
  • You’ll also need scissors, tape (double sided is best), and markers.
  • Start by letting your child pick through your family photos selecting ones they love, and cutting images and words from magazines.
  • Try not to lead your child to choose one thing over the other, simply let them pick the things they are drawn to.
  • If your children are too little for cutting by themselves, cut out only what they ask you to.

Once they have all the words and images they want, let them tape it on the poster board however they see fit. Remember it’s ok for things to overlap in a collage, there aren’t any, particular rules to how to assemble it. Let the kids lead the way and help them execute they way they want it. They can write descriptions about the images or words that inspire them. Ribbons, stickers, faux jewels etc. all make great embellishments.

You will definitely be impressed an amazed to watch what your child comes up with. When it’s all finished, they are left with a beautiful poster that is all about them! Happy Creating!

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