Iron Man Party Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday

Iron Man 2 is set to open in movie theaters this May 2010 and it is sure to deliver another action-packed Marvel comic movie that is bound to be a hit just like the first one. As with many super hero comic book characters that take to the screen, you may find your kids asking for an Iron Man party soon enough.

Tony Stark is Iron Man who creates a powerful iron suit full of technological advances to combat crime and do good. For your party invitation, wrap up small boxes with tin foil. Place red heavy card stock in each box with all of the Iron Man party details on it. Hand-deliver these party invitation boxes to your guests.

Iron Manparty idea

For your party decor, recreate Tony Stark’s workshop placing tools around the party room. Place tin foil all over tabletops, walls, and on the party table for an industrial shop look as well. If you have large appliance boxes, wrap these up with aluminum foil for further decor.

When the kids arrive to your party, invite them to make an iron mask and armor using cardboard and tin foil for them to wear through the activities of the party. The kids can put on temporary tattoos for added fun!

Once the kids have their masks and armor on, organize a series of relay races around Iron Man Stunts. Iron Man flies through the air with speed. Have a relay race where the kids must race from one end of the yard to the other and back as fast as they can.

Hide an item that you have designated as dangerous and time the kids to find it as quickly as possible to secure the scene. First child to find the item wins!

Use red beanbags to represent lava. The kids must pass these bags to each other using something other than hands; otherwise they will get burned! First team finished wins – watch them get creative!

Have a Disc Throwing Contest. Using a Frisbee, see who can throw it the furthest!

Play Flashlight Tag.

Tony Stark likes to be seen as a regular guy. Its no wonder then that he loves pizza. Serve up your childs favorite pizza at the party or have the kids create their own Stark Pizza Pies as an additional party activity.

Make a batch of cupcakes and frost them with red icing.

The kids can take home their masks and armor, along with a small Frisbee as party goodies.

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids party planning company. Visit our experts page to read more about Lisa Kothari and our party planning experts.

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