Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas – 12 Gifts To Save Your Pocketbook

The Christmas season is full of wonderful things like snow, cookies and hot chocolate, family, friends, parties, creative holiday cards, and time off from school and work! However, finding the perfect gift can turn wonderful into stressful for some, not to mention, it can start to get expensive. We always seem to think we need more, or we need to spend more to make sure the people in our lives know they are appreciated. Turns out, there’s , better ways to show your thoughtfulness and goodwill this season. Here are 12 inexpensive gift, ideas for Christmas this year to help save your pocketbook and the spirit of Christmas.


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1. Turn on your oven and bake!
Who doesn’t love getting delicious cookies, fudge, peppermint bark, or peanut brittle? Pull out grandma’s cookie recipes and gather up the kids. Once you’ve made all your sweet treats, package them in inexpensive tines or wax paper lined boxes.

2. Make a recipe book
Now that you’ve made all these delicious treats, why not put together a little recipe book. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Put your kid’s smiling faces on the cover and viola, you have beautiful little book to accompany your treats. If you want to use the recipe book as a stand alone gift, try gathering friends and family recipes to compile.

3. Remember others
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a warm place with good family and friends to celebrate with over the holidays. Volunteer at a local food bank or homeless shelter as a family. Give to those who need a little kindness. It’s costs nothing and feels great.

4. Stockings
Just exchange stocking stuffers only. Fill them with meaningful little gifts. Like nail polish and foot scrub for your teenage niece, fluffy socks and tea for mom, dad’s favorite magazine, salty and sweet snacks, etc.

5. Just say no
Decide as a family not to exchange gifts, and, instead plan an activity for the day. If it’s snowy, build snow forts and snowmen, have a snowball fight and give small prizes to the driest person. Play a game of touch football, go cross country skiing, go ice skating before dinner, have a board game tournament, do whatever it is your family loves to do.

6. Draw names
If you have a big family and want to exchange presents, this is a great way to do it. Draw names and set a price limit reasonable for all those participating. Try drawing names at Thanksgiving to give people ample time to shop!

7. Use your skills
Why pay someone else to do it, if you’ve got the skills!?

  • If you are a stellar photographer- take pictures of friends, and family then frame them up. You, can also create family collages of your photos from previous Christmas celebrations.
  • If you are a knitter, sewer, crocheter extraordinaire, create some scarves, hats, placemats, handmade stockings, etc for everyone.
  • If you enjoy making cards, why note put together some stationary packs for people? Personalized thank you cards, or blank cards are always great to have on hand.

8. Give Experiences
Sometimes just giving someone your time is the best gift. Give a coupon for a trip to the zoo to your niece and put a date on the calendar. Set a date to take your sister to the museum exhibit she’s been wanting to see. These outings will create lasting memories well past the holiday season.

9. Personalized Gift Boxes
Make a little gift box for people. Try to do something specific to the person’s interests.

  • Movie buffs- A DVD and some gourmet pop corn
  • Relaxation lovers- fuzzy socks, tea, and a good book
  • Car enthusiasts- Detailer quality car wash and, scrub mit, and a chamois, (use a wash bucket as your container)
  • Coffee lovers – A big coffee cup with a gourmet coffee blend

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10. Make a personalized Christmas, CD
Download some of your favorite Christmas songs and make CDs for family and friends. Personalize the cover with pictures of you.

11. Create Scrapblogs
Visit, for, a fun, and easy way to, create mini, photo, books for people. You can add videos and music to make it as personal as possible.

12. Global Giving
Give to various charities in friends and family’s names. You can give as much or as little as you want. Check out global giving for some charitable inspiration.

Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank to be meaningful. We hope you found these gift ideas helpful for your holiday gift giving. Happy Holidays! Check out more holiday ideas!


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