Ideas For First Birthday Party — Space Themed Party

Make your baby’s first birthday out of this world using these cosmic space themed first birthday party tips. With space inspired ideas for first birthday party invitations, venues, decorations, entertainment, and favors — we’ll help you plan a fun-filled celebration worthy of your little man or woman in no time.

ideas for first birthday party space themed party

Ideas For First Birthday Party — Invitations

Create custom first birthday party invitations that match your space theme perfectly. Add your favorite baby photo, space themed artwork, and clever wording to your one-of-a-kind-invitations. Your first birthday invitations will be the first things your guests see of your celebration, so they should introduce your theme and give your guests a glimpse of the celebration ahead. Take a look at the fun cosmic design below for inspiration. If you’re willing to spend a bit more for an invitation that lasts and doubles as a keepsake, check out’s custom magnet capability.

ideas for first birthday party space themed party
Custom space themed first birthday invitation by

Ideas For First Birthday Party — Venues

You can really hold your child’s celebration anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home or backyard. Holding your celebration at home has many advantages. You wont have to worry about transporting your child, decorations, or food.

Plus, most of your guests will already know where you live and how to get there. In addition to saving you time and stress, holding your party at home will also save you money. If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a venue, take a look at some of the suggestions below for ideas and inspiration.

Planetarium: Most planetariums offer a space for parties. Although babies will not appreciate the planetarium show, adults and young children will. If you’re planning on inviting many adults and kids then this venue will work perfectly for you. Inquire about party accommodations with a planetarium in your area. Your guests will enjoy the fun learning experience the planetarium has to offer. In addition to planetarium shows, many planetariums also offer laser shows — which are super fun and also worth inquiring about.

ideas for first birthday party
Moscow Planetarium. Photo courtesy of Pavel L Photo and Video /

Gymboree Play & Music Center: If you have a Gymboree in your neighborhood, inquire with them about first birthday parties. Most Gymborees offer great amenities for first birthday celebrations, including: paper plates and cups, silverware, balloons, gift bags, and entertainment. Many facilities will even prepare your celebration with your theme in mind — if you notify them ahead of time. Check out the official Gymboree Play & Music Center website for more information.

Ideas For First Birthday Party — Decorations

Decorating your venue with space themed adornments should be lots of fun. Take a look at some of the suggestions below to get inspired.

Planet Garland: String colorful planet garland throughout your venue to give it a cosmic feel. Learn how to create your own on

Moon Rocks: Gather a collection of rocks from outside, purchase a can of spray paint, and apply a thin coat of silver paint to your rock collection. Let the rocks dry. After your “moon rocks” have dried, pile them up around your venue. You can attach these simple decoration to the end of balloons and use them as table centerpieces or simple table accents.

Moon Shaped Cake: Make your own special space themed cake. Get inspired by the amazing moon themed first birthday cake below.

ideas for first birthday party
Amazing first birthday moon cake. Photo courtesy of

Ideas For First Birthday Party — Entertainment

You’ll want to prepare a mix of entertainment that will keep all of your guests entertained. For your young guests — prepare a crafts table, games, and a space themed pinata.

For adults, prepare a list of space trivia questions and answers. Set out a list of questions at each table, and let your guests fill in answer as they like, or you can organize your guests into teams and ask them questions verbally. Provide the winning guest or team with a small space themed prize.

Ideas For First Birthday Party — Time Capsule

Create a time capsule for your child. Leave a sheet of paper at all of your guests seats. On the paper, write “Time Capsule! Leave our son or daughter a letter filled with your love and predictions. He or she will open this on their 20th birthday — don’t forget to sign your name!”

Stuff all of the letters inside of a box or container. Add photographs, toys, and any items that are reminiscent of your child’s life so far. Then, seal up the “capsule” and give it to your child on their 20th birthday.

Ideas For First Birthday Party — Favors

You’ll want to give your guests a small gift to show them how much you appreciate their love and support. Try to somehow tie your favors into your party’s space theme — here are some ideas you can use to get inspired!

ideas for first birthday party space themed party
Milky Way candy bar.

Mars and Milky Way Candy Bars: Tuck a few Mars candy bars into a small gift bag. Attach a thank you note and some ribbon to it and it’s ready to give away. Simple and sweet!

Stardust (Bath Salt): Purchase or make your own bath salts and pour the salt into tiny gift bags or jars. Add little “stardust” labels along with your child’s name and the date. Pass these cute favors out as your guests leave your celebration.  To learn how to make your own all-natural bath salt, take a look on the video in this DIY Gifts article.

Ideas For First Birthday Party

Hope these space first birthday party ideas give you the inspiration you need to plan a spectacular celebration for your little space cadet. For more great first birthday theme ideas take a look at our Top Five Party Themes For Girls and First Birthday Ideas For Boys articles. Have fun planning for your child’s special celebration and congratulations.

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