Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ice Breaker Game Ideas

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Your rehearsal dinner is meant to be a fun, relaxing get-together for the wedding party and family members. It can also be the first time some of the bride and groom’s family meet, as well as the first time everyone is in the same room together. It’s a good idea to plan some rehearsal dinner ice breakers to play to help your guests refrain from awkward silences and bad small talk. Try any of these great ice breaker games to keep the conversations flowing. The term “ice breakers” often makes people cringe, but if tailored for your friends and family, they can be a great way for people to get to know each other.

Rehearsal Dinner Ice Breaker Games

  • Hello, My Name Is… Remembering people’s names can be stressful at this type of event. To help take the pressure off your guests, create name tags for each person and note how they are connected to the bride or groom. Example: Bill Johnson, Groom’s co-worker. This is a great conversation starter…”Oh, I didn’t know you worked with Bill, how long have you been working there?” It’s also easy to do, fun for all, and will help your bridal party learn people’s names.
  • Sharing A Memorable Story: Ask each rehearsal dinner guest to explain their relationship to the couple and to share a short story about them. This is a fun way to get to know everyone while perhaps also learning something new about the happy couple. A good way to set this up is to have the maid of honor or best man start it off and then invite people to stand and share their stories. That way those who don’t want to speak in front of the group don’t have to. This ice breaker game is ideal for smaller groups.
  • Personalized Bingo: This is a fantastic way to let your guests interact and share stories. You create bingo boards with pictures from family, friends and of course, the bride and groom. For instructions on how to create personalized bingo cards, check out this article. This website allows you to print your own bingo cards for free.
  • Bride and Groom Trivia: This is always a hit, specially at rehearsal dinner parties. This is a lighthearted way to see who knows the couple best! Have the bride and groom come up with 10-12 trivia questions about themselves and their relationship. Questions like, “What town was the groom born in?” and “Where did the couple go on their first date?” are good to start with. You can make the questions progressively more difficult. Divide the guests into small groups. Make sure you don’t stick all the people who know each other in one group- mix it up! The maid of honor and the best man should definitely not be on the same team. Have the bride and groom alternate presenting each question. Establish how each group will chime in to let you know they have an answer (have them raise their hand or clink their glass, etc.). If your group knows each other well, make the questions a little harder. Provide a small prize for each member of the winning team.
  • Finding Love- Celebrity Couples Ice Breaker game: Make a list of celebrity couples or well known iconic couples (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Lucy and Ricky etc.). List each half of the couple on separate pieces of paper. Choose as many couples as you have guests. When each guest arrives at the dinner, secure the name of the celebrity on their back. The goal is for each guest to find their other half. First, they must figure out who they are by asking yes or no answer questions. When they guess correctly, they can place their identity on their chest. When both people have their identity’s figured out and find each other, they win!
  • Topics Tables: Instead of letting everyone sit with the people they know, have them sit at specific tables that match their personalities or interests. For example, have a table for Capricorns and other winter birthdays, a table for people who love to travel, a table for dog lovers and a table for people who are crafty. That way, every guest that sits at the table will have something in common and plenty to talk about.
  • Long introductions: This idea is best suited for small rehearsal dinners. When everyone is seated, the bride and groom can go around and introduce everyone along with a few fun facts about them. For example: “This is Jennifer, my bridesmaid. We’ve been friends since the first day of middle school when she spilled her soda on me at lunch. She is a very talented seamstress, and she even made the bridesmaid dresses!” When the introductions are complete, your guests will be more familiar with each other and will have a lot to talk about (the groom’s cousin might also be a sewing fanatic).

A rehearsal dinner does not have to be awkward. The ice breaker games & activities don’t need to be rigid or formal. Modify these ideas to meet the needs of your group. The ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun and celebrate with the couple. Cheers!


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