10 Tips To Make Your Reunion Party A Hit

Reunions are a great time for reaching out and reconnecting with people. Whether you’re planning a class or a family reunion party, keeping track of all the details and having a good plan will contribute to the success of your event. Start by setting the tone with stylish reunion invitations, then follow our top 10 tips to make your reunion party at hit.

reunion party
Reunion invitation by PurpleTrail.

Get Organized, Stay Organized

Select people to head a reunion planning committee. Make sure to choose individuals with a strong sense of organization and follow through. If your planning committee isn’t organized, your event won’t be organized. Put them in charge of creating a solid plan that will make your party a success! 

Plan a Budget and Stick To It

Try to stick to your budget as much as possible. Within your reunion planning committee, elect someone to be treasurer. This person should be good with money. They should also be good at saying no. Especially when confronted with issues that will put your party over budget. One of the first things you will want to include in your budget is the venue. All of your guests should be comfortable at the reunion, so select locations that will fit all of your guests comfortably. If you are in need of some cheap venue ideas, try holding your party in a park, at home, or maybe a friend or family members business. These venue ideas will surely save you money!


Give People Ample Notice

At minimum, you should provide between 12 and 16 months notice. That way people have to time to budget in reunion party expenses as well as arrange for time away from work. You will get a better turn out if you allow people time to plan for the event. That means you better have your reunion party invitations ready well ahead of time. Let PurpleTrail save you time! We have an amazing selection of reunion invitations.

Choose to create a reunion invitation design from scratch, or add custom wording and photos to one of our beautiful design templates! Your guests will love receiving an invite with personal wording. Adding old photos to your invitations will definitely bring back special memories! Quality invites will put your guests in the partying mood and properly prepare them for your celebration.

Meaningful Activities at Reunion Party

Think about who’s going to be there and what types of things they enjoy. Ice Breakers are a great way to relieve the anxieties associated with spending time with people you haven’t seen in years. Be sure to tailor your activities to the age range of people in your reunion party. Make games modify-able for people all ages and abilities. (Read More on Family Reunion Games & Activities)

Reunion Party Take-Away

Whether it’s a memory book or a family craft, try to make this something people will either use or want to keep for future reference. Photos will make a perfect favor for your reunion. Try renting a photo booth for your celebration, or you can even set up a custom photo booth of your own. Guests will enjoy taking photos and creating new memories with friends and family members they haven’t seen in years!

family reunion
Family reunion invitation by PurpleTrail.

Be Prepared

Rent enough seating. If you celebration will be held outside, make sure to rent tents to protect food and people from the weather. Make sure restrooms are accessible and people have access to water and food. If serving alcohol, be sure to stop service a few hours before the end of the event. Also make sure people have safe transportation back to their lodging accommodations. 

Confirm Your Bookings

About a month or so before your event, contact all your vendors to make sure all your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. To make things easier, you can put an individual in charge of this specific task. It’s also a good idea to have a back up plan encase something goes wrong.

Capture The Moment

Hire a professional photographer for your event. That way you don’t have to worry about someone not being in the picture! You wont want to miss a minute of this special celebration. With a professional photographer on the job, you can sit back and not worry about taking pictures. Plus, a photographer will likely take better photos. 

Wear Name Tags

I know this sounds cheesy, but if your reunion includes long forgotten family members or classmates, it takes the pressure off people. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting someones name wrong! Especially more than once. Another solution to this problem is to start the party out with a game that involves remember each other’s names. Try this ice breaker game called Name Game to help everyone get to know each other better.

Follow Up after Reunion Party

Send thank you notes to all the vendors, volunteers, and anyone who aided in the planning of the reunion party. Post pictures on your reunion website, send a newsletter to those who couldn’t make it recounting the reunion details. Hope these how to reunion tips help you plan a perfect celebration. Relax and congratulate yourself on planning a successful reunion! Now get started on next year’s plans!

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