RSVP Tips How to get the most responses to your invite

You’ve chosen the date, you’ve got the guest list, the theme, the menu and all your party supplies. You’ve sent, your personalized party invitations, and you are counting down in preparation for your event. Then you realize, it’s 4 days until your event and, half the invitees have not RSVP’d. Frustrating! When people don’t RSVP, it makes planning some of the finishing details of your event difficult, if not down right impossible. So, how do you get people to respond with a yes or no to your invite? We’ve put together a few RSVP tips to help you inspire your invitees to répondez s’il vous plaît

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Use Online Invitations

This is an obvious suggestion, coming from an online invitations site, but, it is MUCH easier to keep track of invitations responses and to send out a ‘request for response’ message when using online invitations.

No pain, No gain- Put a little effort into it

This is your advertisement for your event. It is important that you put the effort into it to get people to want to read and respond. Engagement of your invitees is critical. Therefore, it’s great to personalize your invites.

  • If you can’t find a design that speaks to you, upload your own photos to use as your invite design. It sets your invite apart.
  • If it’s a recurring event like a family reunion, put some of the best pics from the last one in this year’s invite (that one of uncle Joe falling into the lake should do nicely.)
  • Attach a video that’s relevant to your event. Invite others to act as host and have them post pictures and videos. PurpleTrail has all these tools and more for your wedding invitations!

Create A Need For Engagement

With tools like consensus building for time or place it’s easy to request feedback from your invitees. People are more apt to respond if they have something they can contribute.

  • Ask them to respond what they are bringing or with their idea for the theme. This way you can keep a running conversation for all the invitees to see and contribute to. Using the PurpleTrail’s chat tool is perfect for this. With this tool you can also send out your questions via email.

Send reminders

Sometimes people just need a gentle prod- we’re all guilty of sending last minute RSVP responses.

  • Take advantage, of the easy ‘send a reminder’ tool from your event management page.
  • Send out a ‘request for a response’ to those who’ve yet to view or respond.

Follow Up For Future Events

If you are someone who plans lots of events, set the standard for how well you handle pre and post party planning and wrap up.

  • Send thank yous with pictures and video of the event.
  • Post your pictures to your profile so they can be viewed by your guests. People will feel connected to your events and be more likely to respond to future events because they already feel involved.

We love to hear from you! Do you have great RSVP tips? Send us a comment.

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