Housewarming Party Planning Tips

Moving into a new home is an extraordinary experience. Hosting a housewarming party is a great way to fill the house with family and friends. Your party can be as practical as having a “work party” to have your friends help you finish the home or simply just a fun get-together to show off your new digs. We’ve put together some housewarming party planning tips so you can have your best possible bash.

Housewarming Party Invitations

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PurpleTrail has a great collection of housewarming party invitations where you’re certain to find a style that suits you. For wording ideas for your invitations, check out this blog post from our party experts.

Housewarming Party Planning Tips


Time and date

You can have an open house party where people come and go all day as available, or a party with a definite arrival and ending time. Unlike other parties, housewarming parties are effective on holidays and birthdays and can even be combined with the usual festivities. If you are planning a work party (meaning your guests will be put to work) then plan for an all day event to maximize the day. If planning a more traditional open house style housewarming, suggest a start time for people to drop in.

Party theme

Having a theme can be helpful in planning the food and for the guests who want to bring gifts. If planning a “work party” housewarming, consider projects that really require extra help, like painting walls or plating a garden. Plan the party around getting that task done.

  • For a painting party, you could suggest each guest brings a related item, like rollers or drop clothes.
  • For a garden party, each guest brings a plant, and actually plants it( you can let them know which plants you prefer.)
  • You can also throw a room-themed housewarming party like “all things kitchen” where guests can bring kitchen related items.
  • If throwing a cocktail type party, have a “stock the bar” theme and guests can bring a bottle their favorite spirit.
  • Since you’ll likely be tired and money may be tight, hosting a potluck where each guest brings a dish or a beverage is a great way to save on the cost and allow your friends to help in a fun way.


Now that you have this new home, take a minute to add some stylish elements for your big showing. Fill your home with freshly cut flowers to create a warm and inviting feel. Burning soft candles in scents like jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa are also a good idea. Consider showcasing before and after photos if you had to do some renovations to your new home. Your guests will love seeing the progress of your home. Keep the decorations simple and elegant. Your guests are their to see your new home, not the decorations, so you just need a few accents to help make it shine.

Gift registry

Chances are that although you probably have plenty of items for your new home, there will also be plenty of items you still need. If this is your first home, it is appropriate to register in advance for housewarming gifts. Just subtly include this information on the invitation or rely on word of mouth. If you are more interested in presence than presents, you can ask for donations toward your favorite charity in lieu of gifts. Be sure to note the charity donation information on the invitation as well.

Party food

When planning the food, keep it simple. The last thing a new homeowner needs to do is feel pressured to showcase their cooking skills. Since catering the event may be a bit over budget after closing on a home, ask everyone to bring a dish to share or keep the menu simple with easy appetizers and snacks. Consider placing little food stations throughout the house. Set up napkins and appetizer plates with a dish or two. That way people will tour your new home and continue moving instead of hovering in the kitchen!

Capture the moment. Provide a guest book for the guests to sign and write their good wishes. Add photos of each person next to their signatures so you will remember them and the occasion.

We hope these housewarming party planning tips have helped guide you to your best party yet. Congratulations on your new home! Enjoy the celebration…you have earned it!

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