Valentine’s Party Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts, cards and chocolates. It’s also about spending a special day with your loved ones. Beyond sending lovely Valentine’s Day cards, we have some great ideas for making your own homemade Valentine’s crafts that are bound to make your dinner or party special. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Apple Candlesticks: To add a romantic and creative touch to the dinner table you can make these apple candlesticks. Though this unusual table decoration is ephemeral, it is beautiful while it lasts. Use an apple corer to make a hole in the apple halfway and then insert a candle into it. You can also glue a red bow at the bottom of the candle. Then decorate the apple with golden paper or paint to make them look all the more attractive. Make around 5 or 6 candle holders and then place them down the center of your table spaced equally apart or grouped together in the center to make a nice centerpiece.

Dried Rosebud Topiary Tree : This homemade Dried Rosebud Topiary Tree would make a fabulous centerpiece. For making this tree you will need 1 lb. dried rose buds, Single Ball Topiary Tree, 12″ wide ceramic clay pot, wire edged ribbon, glue, moss and some florist clay. Start by putting florist clay in the bottom of the clay pot and then place the topiary form in it. Fill moss in between the topiary form and the pot. Glue the dried rosebuds onto the topiary with a glue gun and add a little bow around the center of the stick.

Valentine’s Day Red Bowl Candle: Crafting for a special occasion doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective. Here’s how to make a pretty candle for Valentine’s Day with no muss or fuss. This candle is very simple to assemble. Simply place a votive candle holder inside a glass globe (for example a round bowl or small fish bowl) and surround the candle with red decorative glass pebbles. When you light the candle, you will see that the candlelight is defused by the colored glass, casting a lovely warm reddish glow for Valentine’s Day.

Rose Heart Wreaths: These rose heart wreaths are easy to make and when displayed on the wall they look quiet fascinating. I am sure you guests will fall in love with this unique decoration at first sight. For creating this wreath you will need 2 Styrofoam Heart forms, 4 dozen roses or silk carnations, 2-4 dozen wired wood picks and Tacky Glue. Spray paint your Styrofoam heart wreath rings red. Then you can wrap 3 roses together with floral tape and wrap a wire wood pick around all three of them. Lay out your prepared roses. Then put a dot of Tacky Glue on tip of the wood pick. Carefully insert it into the wreath. For personal touch you can add pictures to the center of the hearts. You might need to add a few roses if there are any open spaces.

Party Message Board: If you are hosting a large Valentine’s Day party, you could hang a message board where your guest can write notes to you. To make the board, cut out a heart from pink or red satin cloth or you could even use paper. With golden fabric cut out the letters “A message for me”, or simply write it with a gold glitter pen. Once it is ready, tape it to the wall. Keep a couple of markers handy and let your guests write messages for you. It’ll be a good side activity at the party and also gives you something as a host to cherish long after the party’s over.

These beautiful handmade valentine’s crafts are sure to be fun to make and your dinner or party guests will love them. Have a, lovely Valentine’s Day!

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