Holiday Photo Cards – Easy and Creative

Are you looking for a creative way to send out holiday photo cards this year? Tired of the same old photo with the cheesy Christmas tree embellishment? Take a look at PurpleTrail. We have a variety, of easy and creative solutions for the boring, holiday photo card. You can customize it to create a beautiful holiday card that everyone will want to display.

With Purple Tail Print, not only to you have creative license on the front of the card, you can also design the inside top and the inside bottom of the card. Which means you can create a custom design for the front of the card, insert your family photo in the inside top of the card and create a person seasonal greeting for the inside bottom of the card. The card are either 4×6 or 5.5 x 8.5. You can choose either portrait or landscape orientation.

Rustic Holiday Photo Cards
Rustic Wood Grain Holiday Booklet Cards

The problem with traditional photo cards is that there isn’t really a place for a personalized greeting. Or, you spend a little more for, the expensive frame type cards so you can write a message but, the photo always seems to shift or fall out. PurpleTrail print solves this dilemma and allows you to insert whatever photo and design you choose! It’s a truly unique card and doesn’t give the feeling of a mass produced Christmas or holiday card. You can choose from hundreds of embellishments and write you own greeting or use one of PurpleTrail’s many greetings.

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