Creative Budget-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

As the holiday cards begin to drift in, it’s time to think about gift giving. If you are on a budget this holiday season, you don’t want to allocate much of your funds to holiday gift wrapping. We’ve found some creative budget gift wrap ideas for gift tags and and gift wrap. They are functional, festive, and frugal. If you just get a little creative, you can come up with some fabulous ways to wrap your holiday gifts this year. Check out our holiday gift wrapping creative budget ideas.

  • Use children’s art. All those beautiful paintings and artwork your kids have made but you don’t have the space to store it all…use it as gift wrap. Grandmas, aunts, cousins will all be overjoyed to get a special gift with even more special wrapping paper.
  • Put it in a jar. Jars are pretty inexpensive and you most likely have a few laying around from various foods in your pantry. They can be reused or recycled so easily. You can cover them in tissue paper or even just construction paper if you want to keep the contents secret! Add some pretty ribbon and you’ve got great gift wrap.
  • Use old Christmas cards as gift tags. Cut out the pictures or shapes you like and simply hole punch the corner and tie it on the package.
Peace Dove Gold Foil Christmas Card by
Peace Dove Gold Foil Christmas Card by
  • Turn wrapping paper inside out. Take the decorative side and put it face down. On the plain side of the paper, use stamps or glitter to create a festive design.
  • Brown paper grocery, bags. Take large holiday inspired cookie cutters like holly leaves or candy canes and trace the shapes onto the paper bag. Have the kids color them in or just let them write a holiday message! It’s fun and creative.
  • Use wallet sized photos as gift tags. You probably have a few left over from school pictures this year or include a family photo instead. Just hole punch the corner and attach to the gift. It’s the perfect way to show who the gift is from!
  • Make your own gift card holder. Fold a sturdy piece of paper in half. Decorate the card as you like. Then, trace around the card in the center of the inside page. Cut four small slits and slide the corners of the card into the slits.
  • Get creative. Find things around the house, a beautiful pillow case tied up with a ribbon, a scarf, an old tie, all these can be incorporated into a creative, fun and festive gift wrap this holiday season.

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