Cute Hello Kitty And Friends Birthday Party Ideas, Invitations, Wording

Does your daughter love Hello Kitty, My Melody, Bad Badtz Maru, Pochacco, Chococat, and other Sanrio characters? Bring her favorite Hello Kitty characters to life with these adorable hello kitty birthday party ideas, covering everything from Hello Kitty birthday party invitations, birthday invitation wording, decorations, crafts, food, and more.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Cute Pastel Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation by

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations: Birthday Invitation Maker

Although there are a lot of Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations online, finding ones that match your theme, palette, and child’s favorite characters might be challenging. That’s why we recommend personalizing one of our charming kitty birthday invitations using our birthday invitation maker, an easy-to-use design tool that allows you to add your choice of colors, fonts, photos, wording, and more to your little girl’s birthday invitations.

You can create the perfect kitty birthday invitations for you little girl and reinforce your Hello Kitty birthday theme further by personalizing matching kitty thank you cards, kitty envelopes, envelope liners, and address labels on While you’re at it, you can even make your own calendars,  custom mugs or custom party banner that matches your Hello Kitty birthday party theme, with photos, quotes, and other cute personal touches.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Hello Cute Frog Birthday Party Invitation by

Plus, if your daughter’s a fan of other characters, you can include them in your invitations or model the entire invitation after those characters, so Pochacco, Bad Badtz Maru, and My Melody birthday invitations are also a possibility.

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Wording, Hello Kitty Invitation Wording

Hello Kitty birthday party invitations will need perfect Hello Kitty birthday invitation wording. Use the Hello Kitty invitation wording ideas below for tips on what to include in your little girl’s birthday invitations. Also, keep in mind that the Hello Kitty brand is all about inspiring friendship and love, so if you want, you can include a few quotes about these topics in your Hello Kitty invitation wording too.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Hello Pink & White Birthday Party Invitation by


Say Hello to Stacy

as she turns seven at her

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

09.20.2015 at noon

Our Home

2134 Pink Avenue, Seattle, WA

We’ll be celebrating with

Hello Kitty crafts, games, cakes, and more!

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Cute Red And Blue Kitty Birthday Party Invitation by


Please join us for a purrr-fect

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

to celebrate our daughter Abigail’s 10th birthday!

June 15th at noon

Our Home

Come ready for Hello Kitty crafts,

face painting, and more fun.


Join Stacy as she celebrates her 10th birthday with

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pochacco,

and other Hello Kitty friend’s!

Her Hello Kitty and Friends Birthday will take place

April first in our backyard

from noon until four in the evening.

There will be Hello Kitty crafts, Hello Kitty games,

Hello Kitty food, and other

Hello Kitty party activities you will love!

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Pink Kitty Girls Birthday Invitation by

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

The right decorations will bring your daughter’s Hello Kitty Birthday to life. You can use general party decorations, like balloons, streamers, and strings of lights to add color and charm to your celebration. You can purchase Hello Kitty bunting, banners, and more from Sanrio or online. You can also make a ton of cute Hello Kitty decorations, like the ones below yourself.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
DIY bow napkin courtesy of

DIY Hello Kitty Decoration Ideas: Bow Napkins

These DIY bow napkins are easy and affordable to make and will add tremendously to your theme. All you’ll need to put them together are napkins and tape. Find detailed instructions on how they are made on

DIY Hello Kitty Decoration Ideas: Bow Accents

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, then you probably already know that the smallest details are often the cutest. Although adding tiny pink bows to drinking straws may at first seem a little over the top, or even a waste of time, small additions like these will add tons of charm and color to your celebration.

DIY Hello Kitty Decoration Ideas: Paper Cups

Purchase white and pink paper cups. Use a sharpie to draw simple whiskers, eyes, and noses on the cups, as shown here.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas: Hello Kitty Birthday Favors

As we mentioned in our in the Hello Kitty invitation and birthday invitation maker section, you can make your own custom calendars and mugs as favors for your Hello Kitty birthday party guests on

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Girl holding Hello Kitty doll courtesy of ChameleonsEye.

Hello Kitty Birthday Favors: Make Your Own Mugs

Make your own mugs on complete with colors, fonts, and quotes relevant to your Hello Kitty birthday party theme.

Make the custom mugs more personal by adding your daughter’s name, photos, and maybe even a simple thank you message — find birthday thank you messages here.

You can embellish your theme even further by tucking a small stuffed Hello Kitty doll, like in the photo above, into each mug or filling the mugs with Hello Kitty stickers, erasers, and other small trinkets.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Hello Kitty mug filled with frozen yogurt courtesy of Enchanted_Fairy photography.

Hello Kitty Birthday Favors: Make Your Own Calendars

A personalized wall calendar, designed to match your Hello Kitty birthday party’s theme, will make a great favor for guests, as long as they are old enough to use it.

Because Hello Kitty is all about inspiring love and friendship, you can add inspiring quotes about friendship, love, and girlhood throughout your calendar.

You can add notes to holidays and birthdays, like your daughter’s and the birthdays of the friends she invited to her party.

You can also add photos of your daughter, and if you have any, of your daughter with the friends she’s inviting to her Hello Kitty birthday party.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Crafty Penguin Family Photo Calendar by

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas, Activities, Crafts

Hello kitty crafts are a great way to keep your guests entertained, while also adding to your birthday party theme. Find ways to keep your little girl and birthday guests happily entertained with the Hello Kitty craft ideas and Hello Kitty party activities below at your little girl’s birthday party.

Hello Kitty Crafts: Make DIY Hello Kitty Headbands

Making DIY Hello Kitty headbands is simple, fun, and cheap. Have your daughter make them with guests at her Hello Kitty birthday party. It will be fun and they will have something Hello-Kitty themed to wear throughout the celebration.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
DIY Hello Kitty headbands courtesy of

Hello Kitty Party Activities: Face Painting

Hire a professional face painter for your little girl’s Hello Kitty birthday party. Your little girl and her friends can have their face painted like Hello Kitty or they can go with general designs like rainbows, bows, or anything else they can think of. See if there are any face painter for hire in your area. Otherwise you can ask a friend for help or do it your self.

Hello Kitty Party Activities: Rent A Hello Kitty Bouncy Castle

Rent a Hello Kitty bouncy castle for your little girl and guests to play in throughout the celebration. Add to the fun by filling the castle with Hello Kitty balloons, passing out Hello Kitty sock party favors, and playing your daughter’s favorite Hello Kitty songs outside of the castle. Check online for bouncy castle rentals in your area.

30 Adorable, Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
Bee Ready For Birthday Party Invitation by

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas: Attend  Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival

Complete with multiple stages for live music and dance performances, interactive entertainment, fashion features, photo opportunities, and more, a little girl who loves Hello Kitty will have a blast celebrating her birthday at the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival.  The Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival is on tour until the end of October, so visit for details on when and where the festival will be in your area.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas: Hire A Hello Kitty For Party

If your daughter is still pretty young, maybe any age ranging from one to seven, seeing their favorite Hello Kitty character bring out their birthday cake can be a thrilling experience for them. Check online to see if there are any businesses in your area that have Hello Kitty mascots available for kid’s birthday parties.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas: Rent A Hello Kitty Limousine

If you don’t mind splurging a bit on your duaghter’s Hello Kitty birthday party, consider renting a Hello Kitty limousine. She and friends and ride in style and cherish this unique experience for years to come. Check online to see if their are any Hello Kitty Limousine rental options in your area.

Hopefully you found these Hello Kitty birthday party ideas inspiring! Have fun planning your daughter’s celebration!

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