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“Tiny bubbles, in my wine…” A luau is the perfect party theme. Luaus are fun, colorful and energetic, a blast for all ages. Our party experts have put together a fantastic list of luau decoration ideas for your big day. From creating your own beach to centerpieces and wall decor to decking the table out with a grass skirt, it’s fun and easy to put together a little piece of paradise. You’ll have a tropical oasis in no time! Make sure to browse our luau invitations, which can be personalized easily.

 Luau Decoration Ideas

luau table
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  • For a Hawaiian party, a great way to decorate is to turn your backyard, park or party room into a tropical paradise. For a beach effect you can decorate with candles, luau lights, bamboo torches and coconuts.
  • If indoors, you can hang green and blue streamers from the ceiling to create a lagoon effect. You can also decorate the walls with palm trees that have been painted on posterboard or cardboard and cut out.
  • Tables can be decorated with green butcher paper with frayed edges to resemble a grass skirt. You can also place post cards of various beaches on the table and scatter some sea shells all over the table to give it a Hawaiian touch.
  • Another idea is to set up large sun umbrellas (borrowing some works great) and set them up over the top of beach towels in the party area before the kids arrive. For an extra party touch, attach a few balloons to the tops of the umbrellas.
  • A homemade castle centerpiece would be very cute on the main table at your party. For this you will need to purchase textured and sand-colored spray paint. Then spray paint a few shoe boxes and use them as the main part of the castle. To construct the towers, glue styrofoam cones to empty coffee cans and then paint. Scallops across the top of the castle can be cut out of styrofoam and painted. You can also make a tropical centerpiece scene with beach Barbie and Ken in swim suits. This would be a sure hit for a little girl’s party!
  • For a more adult look, place seashells in vases for centerpieces and surround them with votives. Or, simply place a pineapple in the center of each table for an edible decoration.
  • For the walls indoors, you can hang posters of tropical islands or travel posters. Drape fishnets over a fence outdoors or over the luau party table to create a tropical look.
  • Hang tiny shell necklaces around the yard or party room.
  • Baskets of tropical fruit can be great decorations for a food table. Good choices are coconuts, bananas, papayas, and pineapples.
  • To set the luau tone from the onset of the party, greet all of your guests with ankle leis, grass skirts and beachcomber hats as they arrive.

For plenty of other luau decoration ideas and party tips, check out this blog post. Enjoy your luau. Mahalo!

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