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Always fun, cheerful and energetic, a luau makes a great party theme. It’s no surprise that a Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular picks for birthday parties. There is a great selection of party supplies available, you can hold it at any location (indoor or out), and it is fun for all age groups. We’ve compiled our best kids luau party ideas so your little one can have an awesome luau birthday party. Break out the Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, and get ready to limbo!

Hawaiian Party Invitations 

Let's Luau party invitation

Set the stage for a fun luau event by sending unique luau birthday invitations. PurpleTrail has a great, versatile, collection of good quality luau invitations you can customize easily. Once you’ve found the design that best fits your particular party, browse this blog post for luau invitation wording ideas.

Kids Luau Party Ideas

Kids Luau Party Decorations

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Decorating for a luau birthday party will be easy thanks to the abundance of colorful, affordable luau decorations. Check your local party supply stores, dollar stores and sites like this one for great decorations your child will love.

  • Start with strings of paper flowers or palm tree lights to string around your table or backyard.
  • Decorate the party table with colorful place mats and cool centerpieces, such a vases full of beach sand and seashells or pineapples with flower petals around them.
  • Colorful paper lanterns are perfect for decorating a luau party.
  • Wrap the table in a grass table skirt.
  • Inflatable palm trees add a fun touch.
  • Make sure each guest gets a lei!

 Kids Luau Party Food

Part of a successful kids luau party is serving food your little guests will love. You can fire up the grill and serve barbecued chicken, burgers or hot dogs. Here are some other great kids luau party food ideas:

  • Pork sliders
  • Summer Beach Mix, courtesy of
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Shrimp and pineapple skewers
  • Egg rolls
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Macadamia nuts (best for older children)
  • Flip-flop sugar cookies
  • Hawaiian punch
  • Pineapple orange banana juice

Luau Party Games

No kids’ luau party is complete without some fun games! Here are some ideas to keep your little party guests busy.

Limbo: Use a broom handle or find a bamboo stick at your local party supply store. Elect two people to hold the stick high enough so that everyone can pass under it easily the first time. Be sure to set the mood with some playful tropical island tunes. After each person has gone under the stick once, lower it and continue to lower it until the last person makes it!

Hula Hoop Contest:, Pass out hula hoops to each guest and play a tropical song to hula to. Whoever lasts the longest wins! Add to the challenge by making players, hula hoop, in a grass skirt or fruit hat!

Costume Contest: Have guests come in their best tropical attire. Give out prizes for most creative, best dressed, silliest costume etc.

Beachball , Toss:, This is a great game for younger kids. Get medium sized beach balls and partner up each player. Have them toss the beach ball back and forth, each time taking one step away from their partner. The last pair to successfully catch the furthest apart wins!

 Ocean in a Bottle: Give each child a baby food jar, or any other small jar or clear water bottle. They then add small sea beads, glitter, water, baby oil and blue food coloring to create their own ocean! Make sure to hot glue the tops shut so there are no ocean spills.

Musical Beach Towels: Instead of musical chairs, the kids hop from towel to towel as the music plays. Whoever is not standing on a towel when the music stops is out. As each child is eliminated, they take the towel with them until there are two little Hawaiians, one towel.

Kids Luau Party Favors

Sending your little party guests home with special treats is a great way to thank them for sharing in your child’s special day. Here are a few ideas for party favors:

  • Luau cake pops
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Flip-flop necklaces or pins
  • Silly straws
  • Beach balls
  • Small bags of seashells
  • Sunglasses
  • Gummy fish
  • Surfboard keychains
We hope you’ve been informed and inspired by our kids luau party ideas. If your child’s birthday party has inspired you to host a luau for the grown-ups, check out our PartyTrail blog post for more ideas. Aloha!


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