Happy First Birthday — Planning An Unforgettable Party

First birthdays are momentous occasions that deserve proper celebration. If you’re planning a celebration in honor of your child’s first, here are some tips and advice to help you through the party planning process. From invitations to venues, decorations, cakes, and favors — we’ll help you through the party planning process from start to finish. You’ll have your party planned faster than you can say, “happy first birthday!”

happy first birthday
Happy first birthday!

First Birthday Themes

Start the planning process by selecting a theme. Your party invites, decor, favors, and food will all coorilate to your theme, so choose your motif wisely!

When choosing a theme consider the time of year. If your child’s birthday is in the fall, you can perhaps go with a Halloween, pumpkin, or festive harvest theme. If your child’s birthday is in the summer, consider throwing a garden themed first birthday party.

You can also always go with a popular motif among youngsters such as dinosaurs, Disney, or cute animals.

First Birthday Invitations

All great celebrations start with the invitations. There are a number of different invite options, but taking into account how very cute babies are, when they’re approaching the one year mark, you may want to consider showing off how oh-so-cute yours is via custom first birthday photo invitations.

happy first birthday
Halloween themed first birthday invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Custom invites will give you a chance to add your favorite baby photos, theme fitting fonts, and your own clever wording to your invitations. If you don’t have any photos that you’re very fond of, try taking some for your child’s approaching occasion. If you’re in need of first birthday wording inspiration, take a look at some of these wonderful wording ideas on PurpleTrail.com.

First Birthday Venues

If you’re interested in saving cash, you can really hold the birthday celebration anywhere — even in the luxury of your own home or backyard. If you’ed like to do something extra special take a look at some of the venue suggestions below.

Museum: Many museums have space available for private parties. They are a great first birthday venue option because they offer fun amenities for adults and youngsters alike. This venue choice is especially perfect for a dinosaur, ancient Egypt, or any other themes related to science, history, or archaeology.

Park: Parks are great choices for summer birthday parties. You’ll have plenty of space and you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll have freedom to set up games for the kids as well as a grill for hot dogs, hamburgers, or veggie burgers.

Another plus of this venue option is that you’ll save money. Reserving a picnic area at a local city park is usually free. You will have to notify your city’s Parks and Recreation office ahead of time and let them know you plan on throwing a party in the park. Sometimes they will ask for a small deposit or you may have to pay a rental fee. You’ll also want to get a feel for the park’s rules and regulations, check out the restrooms, and make sure there’s enough shade and seating for all of your guests.

happy first birthday
Baby outside with bubbles.

Zoo: Throwing your party at a zoo is a great idea, especially if it goes along with your party theme. Kids and adults will enjoy strolling through the exhibits and checking out all the animals.

Many zoos will even help host your birthday party via offering entertainment, activities for the kids, and close animal encounter shows. Inquire about birthday parties at your local zoo and see what they have to offer.

Aquarium: The aquarium is another fun venue option that offers education opportunities and fun for both youngsters and adults. Consider making your child’s birthday theme “Finding Nemo” and hold it at the aquarium.

Some aquariums have private party rooms and birthday packages available. Inquire about holding your birthday at your local aquarium for more information.

First Birthday Decorations

Coordinate your decorations with your theme. Fill up your party room with bright balloons, streamers, and strings of lights. Be mindful that all the decor is baby friendly — safety first!

Cover your tables with bright colored table clothes and use fresh cut flowers as your table centerpieces. Try making DIY photo centerpieces. Learn how on DiscounteDame.com — only ditch the candle, they are unsafe to have around children.

happy first birthday
Cute photo centerpiece. Photo courtesy of BabyLifeStyles.com.

Wrap the DIY photo decoration around your flower centerpieces. Your guests will love admiring all of your cute baby photos and they will also make for great conversation pieces.

First Birthday Cakes

Your child’s first birthday wouldn’t be the same without cake! Yes, cake is a necessity for any birthday celebration, but you’ll want to find one that is not too sweet — too much sugar may upset your little one’s tummy.

Try opting for a sugar free cake or something made with all natural ingredients to keep your little one healthy and happy throughout there special day. Take a look at this list of healthy first birthday cake recipes on WholesomeBabyFood.Momtastic.com for ideas and inspiration.

happy first birthday
First birthday cake.

Happy First Birthday

Hope these first birthday tips gave you the inspiration you need to plan a smashing and very happy first birthday party for your son or daughter! Make sure to start planning well ahead of time, reserving the venue, ordering the custom kids birthday invites, and notifying all of your guests is quite time consuming. Also, try involving a few friends or family members in the party planning process. The more people involved, the more creative and fun your celebration will be! Good luck and congratulations to your little guy or gal on their upcoming special occasion!

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