Hanukkah Party Ideas For a Festive Celebration

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Hanukkah is a holiday that says, “Never lose hope.” It is also known as the Festival of Lights, Feast of Dedication, and Feast of the Maccabees. It is a grand holiday of revived dedication, hope, faith and spiritual light. Hanukkah is a very special time of year for the Jewish community. , Here are few interesting ideas and tips to make your Hanukkah day special it lasts for eight nights and is filled with family fun, and family time. Don’t forget to browse our hanukkah cards too!

Treasured Gift Idea:

Hanukkah has a tradition of presenting chocolate coins rapped in gold wrapping. You can make this a cherished gift with little bit of initiative and creative thinking. Stitch a small bag together out of velvet. Sew in a drawstring at the top of the bag so it can be pulled shut. Turn the bag inside out so the soft part of the velvet faces the inside. Center a stamp with a Hanukkah symbol on it inside the bag so that it is neatly pressed against one of the sides. Lightly spray the outer side of the bag opposite of the stamp, with water. Place a hot iron down on it for several seconds. When you turn the bag to its proper side, the impression of the stamp will be left on the bag creating a wonderful place for chocolate coins. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and place blue tissue paper on the inside. With the addition of the coins you can now give the children in the family a parting gift that is not only pretty but also delicious. (Read More… )

Hanukkah Party Game Idea:

Hanukkah is a time of fun and frolic. For this year’s Hanukkah party you can play the Don’t Say that Word fun game. You will get small stickers and stick one on each guest as he or she arrives to your party. When everyone has arrived, you make the announcement that from here on out at the party, guests must avoid saying a certain word. It needs to be a word that’s expected to be said at some point during the evening. Then the guests must listen carefully to each other when they are having conversations. If someone mistakenly says the forbidden word and another person notices that person can take the sticker from the person who said the forbidden word and stick it on themselves. At the end of the party you can tally up and see who has the most stickers. Who ever has collected the most stickers wins a prize.

Hanukkah Recipes (Latkes Special):

Hanukkah is an eight day celebration during December that begins on Kislev. There are many different types of foods you may find on the menu during these eight days. Menus may include Flaming Tea, Sweet Italian Bolo, Gingerbread house, Menorah Cake, Turkish Nut Cake, and Chicken for a main meal. Most of the menu items will be fried, whether theyre sweet or savory. When we have guests or just eat together as a family after lighting the Chanukah Menorah, you might like to serve a variety of latkes (potato, corn, zucchini, cheese, …) topped with applesauce or sour cream, a big green salad, and a special Chanukah dessert. Check out here for some delicious latkes dishes which will make this Hanukkah special.

You can have several variety of food at your Hanukkah celebration Table. This will normally depend on family traditions rather then anything else. With a few ideas like those above, you can make your familys Hanukkah deliciously memorable and create a few traditions of your own. Even though Hanukkah isnt classed as a stellar holiday, its a special time of the year, and is much worthy of celebrating. Using the ideas above you can make this holiday a happy one for you and your loved ones.

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