Halloween to Thanksgiving: Fall Decorations

Its autumn and time for a series of holidays that will keep your family busy throughout the next few months. Halloween is on the horizon which will lead into Thanksgiving just four weeks later. What is wonderful about these holidays is they fall within the same season and use the same color scheme. As a result, many of the things you purchase for one can be used for the other. Our party experts have gathered some tips that will help you choose fall decorations that will work for both of these holidays. This will reduce the amount of money you need to spend on holiday fun and give you more time to enjoy with the family.

Fall Decorations

Basket of Pinecones

Leave baskets of pinecones on your coffee tables and end tables for fun fall decorations that can be left out from October to December.

Jack o’ Lanterns

After you’ve carved your pumpkins for Halloween, simply turn them around and move them to a corner of your front porch, stairs or doorway. This will give you a nice decoration for weeks after Halloween is over.

Cookie Cutters

 A simple pumpkin cookie cutter you chose to create marvelous pumpkin invitations and decorations for your spooky Halloween party can be used at Thanksgiving time to make pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin bread, brownies, etc. Pumpkins are as festive at Halloween as they are at Thanksgiving.


 Use an orange tablecloth for your Halloween party table, and then trim it up using brown ribbon and scalloped scissors to create a formal tablecloth for Thanksgiving.

Orange and White Tableware

Buy orange and white napkins, plates and cups for Halloween. Use the leftover supplies for Thanksgiving as well. Provide your children with brown markers and draw turkeys on their cups and napkins to make them into festive Thanksgiving tableware. You may use the good china for the Thanksgiving meal itself, but this will be great for snacks before the meal and for serving leftovers.

Bales of Hay and Indian Corn

The bales of hay and indian corn you purchased to use as fall decorations for your yard, front porch and door during the Halloween season can all be used during Thanksgiving as well. The items will keep fresh throughout the entire autumn season. You can also use the corn husks to create dolls and puppets for more Thanksgiving decorations or plain fun!


Mini Pumpkins and Gourds

Small pumpkins and gourds look as festive for Halloween as they do for Thanksgiving.These are perfect fall decorations! Have the kids draw faces on the small pumpkins and turkeys on to the gourds.

Orange Balloons

If you have a Halloween party with orange balloons, the leftovers can be blown up for Thanksgiving and the kids can either draw with brown magic markers or use other craft materials to create turkey balloons.

Have the kids roll up large orange napkins that you may have used for your Halloween party and create napkin rings using white and black construction paper rings (the Pilgrim colors, of course!)

Did you bob for apples at your Halloween party? Use apples to create Apple Candlestick Holders. Core out the center of the apple to fit a candle snugly and have older children carve out patterns on the skin of the apple, or keep them plain red.

Enjoy making use of these fabulous fall decorations!

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids’ party planning company.

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