Festive Halloween First Birthday Party Ideas

If your child’s first birthday will take place in the fall or near Halloween, consider holding a Halloween first birthday party. With costumes, pumpkins, and colorful decorations, this festive first birthday theme can be lots of fun.

halloween first birthday party
Little Monster Halloween Birthday Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Halloween First Birthday Party Invitations

All great celebrations start with spectacular invitations, so you’ll want to find Halloween first birthday party invitations that suit your taste and celebration perfectly. Consider going with a custom first birthday invitation from PurpleTrail.com.

They have a great selection of Halloween first birthday party invitation templates to choose from. And if you can’t find one you like, then you can create your very own design from scratch in the invitation design center.On PurpleTrail.com you can even design matching first birthday RSVPs, envelopes, and envelope liners with personalized stationery to go along with your Halloween first birthday invitations.

halloween first birthday party
Guess Whooo Midnight Owl Halloween Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

For a milestone celebration such as your kid’s first birthday, I would highly recommend going all out on your stationery. Especially if you personalize the stationery yourself with custom wording and photos. The stationery will double as meaningful keepsakes of this momentous occasion.

After you have all of your first birthday stationery in order, consider tucking something extra inside of your envelopes to elaborate your first birthday theme. Black and orange confetti, stickers, or custom magnets for Halloween. This will help embellish your Halloween party theme; all of which can be easily tucked inside of your envelopes.

Halloween First Birthday Invitation Wording

Don’t forget to inscribe your Halloween first birthday invitations with festive wording. Here are some Halloween first birthday invitation wording samples you can use for inspiration.

Our little pumpkin is turning one!

Come celebrate with us at (insert your kid’s name)

Halloween 1st Birthday Party

Don’t forget your costume!


Trick or treat, smell my feat

turning one is really neat!

Join us for (insert kid’s name)

Halloween First Birthday Party


Our little monster is turning one!

Join us for treats, tricks, and fun

at (insert kid’s name)

Halloween 1st Birthday Party!


Halloween First Birthday Costumes

Incorporating costumes into your Halloween first birthday party will be fun and add tremendously to the atmosphere of your celebration.

You will definitely want to pick out an extra-cute costume for the birthday honoree and make a note on your Halloween first birthday invitations that costumes are highly encouraged.

halloween first birthday party
Baby dressed up as a pumpkin.


Take a look at Halloween First Birthday Party you can find in Pinterest for creative baby and kid costume ideas.

Hiring a face painter or purchasing a face painting kit and doing the honors yourself is another way of embracing the spirit of Halloween. Mask making is yet another idea you can use to highlight your Halloween theme. It will also help entertain the kids at your party.

Halloween First Birthday Decorations

Decorating for your child’s Halloween first birthday party should be lots of fun. You can choose to make your decorations bright and festive or dark and spooky.

For a cheerful and bright Halloween first birthday party, consider centering your decorations around an autumn harvest theme. Fill your venue with dried flint corn, pumpkins, yellow and orange strings of lights, and anything else you associate with this rustic party theme.

Add vibrant fall hues to your ceiling and walls with festive garland and bunting. You can create DIY garland out of candy corn or purchase faux fall leaves garland online.

Check out this happy First Birthday post for more regular decorating ideas, then just add Halloween flare.

Opting for a traditional Halloween theme is another great idea. Fill your venue with kid-friendly Halloween decorations, dishes of candy, candles, and carved jack-o-lanterns.

Try carving a few pumpkins with a birthday message and your child’s name. Pinatas, balloons, and even Halloween themed dishes, like dirt cups and punch served over hot ice, can be used to further embellish your theme.

Halloween First Birthday Photos

You’ll want to capture an occasion as momentous as your child’s first birthday forever with great photos.

In addition to taking photos at your child’s Halloween first birthday party, you should consider paying a little bit extra for an actual first birthday photo shoot. Halloween photo shoots can be super adorable!

You can do a variety of things to embrace the spirit of Halloween. Try taking a snapshot of your kid inside of a pumpkin, in a pumpkin patch, or beside a pumpkin with the number one painted on it.

Halloween first birthday party
Halloween fist birthday photo idea.

A few photos of your kid in their Halloween costume would also be cute. Taking photos outside among the colorful fall trees is another great idea. Place him or her in a large pile of leaves or rake a pile of leaves into the shape of a number one and set your kid next to it and snap a photo.

Happy Party Planning!

Hopefully these Halloween fist birthday party ideas have left you feeling inspired! Do you have any fun Halloween first birthday party ideas that we did mention here? Please share them with us via the comment section below. Good luck planning your party!

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