Halloween Candy – Avoiding Candy Overload

As you prepare your Halloween cards and your kids get ready for trick or treating this year, you may be dreading all the Halloween candy and what that may do to your dental bill! We all know too much candy is a bad idea, but for kids, they want to reap the fruits of their trick or treating efforts. We’ve come up with some ideas for avoiding candy over load this Halloween.


Sweet Candy Station Halloween Birthday Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Sweet Candy Station Halloween Birthday Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com


Choices. Many families give a few options and let the kids decide on how they want to ration their loot. Option one: Give them a set number of days (2 or 3), to indulge as they wish then the rest goes in the trash. Option two: One piece of candy a day till it’s gone. You get to hold onto the candy in the latter case.

Buy it. Offer cold hard cash for each pound of candy. Older kids will most likely want money over candy. The younger ones may take some convincing on this.


Save it. Give a few pieces to enjoy Halloween night then save the rest. You can use it to fill birthday pinatas, decorate gingerbread houses or attach it to greeting cards for special occasions.

Fill them up. Make sure kids get a healthy filling dinner before heading out trick or treating. They may be less likely to experience Halloween candy overload if they are feeling full and full of energy.

We hope these Halloween candy tips help you this Halloween! Always check your child’s candy before they eat it. Don’t forget to check out PurpleTrail’s spooktastic customizable Halloween cards and Halloween party invitations.

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