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Are you looking for unique guest book ideas to make a lasting impression on your guests and as a keepsake for yourself?  Whether you’re planning a birthday, wedding or graduation party, your options are endless and all it takes is a little creativity and direction.  So after you’ve sent out your custom wedding invitations or graduation invitations, think about these ideas for a guest book:

Keep it Natural:

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Our first and among our favorite guest book ideas is to buy a couple bundles of natural stones/rocks. (I’ve always found the perfect ones at IKEA for less than $4 a bag!) Wash and dry the stones three days before your event. Have the stones lying out at either the guest book table or as part of your centerpieces. Have a sign that directs guest to leave a special message to the guests of honor by writing a message on the stones. Black, permanent markers work best and try to leave an example out so people can get the idea!

After the event, you can either spray the stones with a sealant if you intend to use in an outdoor decoration, or you can leave them as is to use indoors. Find a cute pottery bowl, glass vase or arrangement and use your guest book memories as a great keepsake and decoration in your home!

Guest Opinion:

Create a page to hand out to guests, or leave at their tables with markers and pens. Try to use a heavier paper so that it is more durable. On the page, ask a group of questions for the guests to answer about themselves and about the guests of honor. Make sure to leave plenty of room to write. Here is an example for a wedding:
1. Name
2. Where did you travel from and how far?
3. How do you know the bride and groom?
4. Your special wishes for us:
5. Draw a picture of yourself (or use a Polaroid camera and insert the picture on the page)
Have a guest book attendant collect the pages from your guests. Put all the pages together in a binder or album and you have an amazing memento and your guests will love doing it!

Book It:

This is a fun and easy idea! Use a book that correlates to your guest-of-honor or the type of event. Ideas could be a fun coffee table book, cute children’s book, or a special interest pamphlet or magazine. I’ve recently used a hunting regulations book for a graduation party. I placed a blaze-orange sign next to the regulation book and pens and asked guests to write down a rule or regulation for the grads future.

Scrapbook Pages:

Before your big day, get a group of friends together to create scrapbook page templates. Make sure to leave room for pictures and spaces for captions. Use fun scraps and colors that coordinate with your event, theme or colors.  At your event, set your pages out and have the guests write fun memories, advice and congratulations on the pages.  After the event, add your pictures and put all the pages together. You’ll have a lasting memento of your big day and most of the hard work is already done!

Printed Guestbook:

While having a guestbook made for you isn’t unique, some places let you customize them without limit, so, that at the very least, the design of the guestbook is unique to you alone, and that IS something special. These are great opportunities to showcase photos, like a graduate that’s grown over the years, or a mother with pictures of her as a child in preparation for one of her own. Check out custom guestbooks here.


We hope these guest book ideas inspired you to make something special for your extra special day.

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