Groundhog Day Party Planning Ideas

Ground hog. Photo courtesy of April King.

Will winter last or is spring around the corner? Groundhog Day is on February second each year. Let’s use this day as one more reason to put on our party shoes. Celebrating this special day is something that children love to do. It’s especially great for 8 to 10-year-olds who have recently learned what Groundhog Day is all about.

Holding your own Groundhog Day party should not be a baffling job. You don’t even need a real groundhog. Any critter will be perfect for the starring role. Simply make your star “Groundhog” appear from a hiding place, glance at the ground, and scratch his back. If you want to celebrate this customary day with your family and kids, here are some ideas to help you get into the flavor.

groundhog day party
Groundhog. Photo courtesy of April King.

Groundhog Day Party Invitations

Sending out impressive invitations is the first step for your Groundhog day party. Unlike any other traditional holiday, groundhog day does not have any official color. But if we need to select some color it could be green and white (for winter and summer). So sending out party invitations in green and white would be a perfect way to grab your guests attention. Create memorable times at your celebration with matching invitations and party games to fit the atmosphere.

A creative way to send your invitations and to please little guests would be to buy stuffed Groundhog toys. Then take a light green paper and write the party details on it. Roll the paper up and then tie the paper to the stuffed toy using a green or white ribbon. You can then hand deliver these invitations or send them through mail. You guests will love this festive Groundhog Day party idea!

Yet another simple way to impress the children would be to write the invitations on the backside of Groundhog masks. Then ask you child to hand deliver these invitations to his/her friends or send them in the mail. Your guests will be thrilled, and will look forward to your party to add some festive fun to their otherwise, gloomy February days.

Probably the most easy, convenient and inexpensive way to send out invitations is to send online invites. They have become much more common and have many benefits. To send these all you need to do is select the most appropriate Groundhog Day party theme and customize the invitations with a perfect title. Uploading some Groundhog pictures (check out some nice images at to make it personalized would also be very easy to do. Invitations should be sent at least a week or two before the party to allow enough time for guests to hold the date. It also allows enough time for you to collect RSVPs and make final preparations for the party.


One great way to decorate the party space would be to divide the room into two zones – one as winter and one as spring. For winter decorations you can use white streamers, snowflakes, and sleighs etc. For spring decorations you can use green streamers, flowers, hula hoops and some other outdoor toys. For further decorations, you can buy or print some nice groundhog posters and pictures and hang them through out the party room. Another idea is to put one of the famous Groundhog day movies on the TV in the background with the volume turned down. People will get a kick out of seeing it. A great choice for a movie would be one of the most well known movies. It is the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray.

Groundhog Day Party Games & Activities:

Groundhog Search Game

This is an easy to play game. Prior to the party, purchase some cheap alphabet toys or you can cut cardboard pieces of the letters from “Groundhog”. Hide those letters around the party space. Then all you need to do is pair up your guests. The teams are supposed to search for the missing letters. The pair who finds all the missing letters from the word “Groundhog” first will be the winner.

The Weather Forecaster Game

This is yet another crazy game of luck. For this you will have to arrange for several spring green cards and winter white cards. Hand out 2 cards each to all your guests, one for spring and the other for winter. Keep some cards for yourself in a bag. Then ask all your guests to make their predictions by choosing the appropriate card. Then you need to pull out a card from your bag. Guests who’s predictions do not match the picked card are OUT. This game will continue in similar fashion until only one guest is left, and they will be the winner of the game.

Toss the Little Groundhog Game

For this game you will have to arrange for a broad basket and a stuffed groundhog toy. Then ask your guests to throw the hog into the basket. Prizes could be given for various categories like, greatest number of successful throw, best behind the back toss and the best longest throw. You guests will love this Groundhog Day party game!

groundhog day party
Groundhog mask courtesy of

Create Your Own Groundhog Mask

Let the creative juices flow with this fun activity. For this craft you will have to arrange for brown paint (or brown markers), paper plates, scissors, pink large beads, straws, elastic string and brown construction paper before the party. Give each guest a paper plate and ask them to paint the back of the plate with brown paint or a brown marker. Then tell them to draw the face of the groundhog on the plate, and cut out the eyes and mouth. Then make them cut curved ears using the brown construction paper and glue it to the top of the plate. You can give them pink beads for a nose and help them glue it on the plate. Then give them 2 straws each to stick on the plate as whiskers. Put holes in both sides of the mask and tie elastic string to it so that it will stay on the child’s head. You can let your guests take these masks home as party favors. I am sure they will have a lot of fun with this Groundhog Day party activity and remember it for a long time.

Groundhog Day Party Food

The spring and winter party theme can be carried over to the food planning as well. Green lemonade made with green food coloring, green grapes and small pieces of green apple, honeydew melon or kiwifruit are great choices. You can also make any baked goods and add green food coloring. A good option would be vanilla cupcakes with green vanilla frosting.

If you are planning to serve cake, the it could be in the shape of a groundhog. You can also prepare a cake at home with half of the cake depicting jolly good spring time and other half representing the snowy winter season. Another great snack for you children is Groundhog Day Dirt Pie. All you need to do is take their favorite chocolate pudding to represent the dirt. Once you have made the pudding, crumble up some graham crackers into the dish. To make the dessert complete you can take a popsicle stick, with picture of a groundhog on it, to make it look like a groundhog mound.

As groundhog party favors you can give sunglasses, flower seed packets, jump rope, modeling clay, paddle ball or a spinning top. You can also impress your guests with groundhog shaped goody bags which consist of Groundhog stickers, tattoos and groundhog pencils. These great food ideas will make your Groundhog Day party a hit.

Let’s hope there aren’t six more weeks of winter! Enjoy the Groundhog Day party!


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