Top Easter Party Games for Kids

Colorful Easter Party Invitation

Have a blast at your Easter gathering this year by playing some great Easter party games. Send out beautiful Easter party invitations to guests and then prepare some egg-cellent Easter party games to entertain everyone. Many of these games can be played inside or outdoors. Here are some terrific ideas to ensure you and your guests have a wonderful time.

Put the Egg in the Easter Basket Game: This game is a variation of the old game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. For this you will need an Easter bunny with an empty basket. Then you can ask your little guests to make an Easter egg using construction paper, crayons and markers. Start the game by covering the participants eyes and spinning them around three times. Point them in the right direction and then ask them to put the egg in the basket. The one who manages to place the egg in the basket (or closest to the basket) is the winner.

The Limbo Easter Game: This is yet another fun Easter party game. For this game you will need music and a limbo stick. Play some fun music while your guests stand in line waiting to bend backwards low enough to fit under the limbo stick, broom handle, yardstick, etc. The person who gets the lowest without touching the floor wins.

Colorful Easter Party Invitation

Blow the Egg Game: This is a really good indoor Easter game and works great on a hard floor. Have a start line and finish line set up. Place a small plastic Easter egg at the start line and give the child a cardboard “fan”. Have the kids try to “fan” the egg across the finish line. It is harder than it seems, since the eggs aren’t round!

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt: This customary Easter egg hunt  is a must for any Easter party. This can be done indoors or out, and with real colored eggs or plastic ones. If using plastic eggs, you can fill them with special treats like jelly beans, stickers, coins and small toys.

Egg-Spoon Race: If you are lucky enough to have a yard and nice weather, then why not take your guests outdoors! You will need one egg (hard boiled) and one spoon for each person participating in the race. Line contestants up next to each other on a starting line. Racers should have a point across the yard to race to (check point line). When the race starts, each contestant has to race from the starting line across to the checkpoint line, and then turn around and come back to the starting line. The contestants have to keep their egg balanced in their spoon, without using their other hand for support. If the egg drops, but is not broken, the contestant can pick up the egg and resume the race. The first contestant to make it back to the starting line wins the race.

Egg Toss: This is also another great game for the outdoors. Be sure to have extra eggs on hand. Start by dividing the contestant into teams of two people. Split the entire group of contestants into two rows, with partners facing each other. Arrange the rows so that the partners are standing about 2-3 feet away from each other. Give eggs (hardboiled) to each partner that is standing in one row. When the game starts, have the contestants toss their egg to their partners. After catching the egg, each contestant takes a step back and they toss the eggs again. If one of the partners breaks the egg, then that team is out of the game. It does not matter whether the egg breaks in his/her hands or by hitting the ground. Continue the game, taking steps back to increase the distance between partners, until only one team remains. They are the winners of the game. You could also play this game with water balloons if the weather is warm enough to withstand getting a little wet.

Easter Treasure Hunt. This is a great game for a park but could also be played indoors. You’ll need to hid various Easter treasures (chocolates, small toys or stuffed animals, bubbles, etc.) around the house. Create clues that will lead players to the next treasure’s hiding spot. Have a great treasure like Easter baskets filled with treats or prizes for each player waiting at the end of the hunt

With these fun Easter party games you are sure to have a memorable event. Happy celebrating!

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