Graduation Party Planning Tips

For successful graduation party planning, you have to get organized from the very start so that you won’t be stressed at the time of the party. Whether it’s a high school graduation, college graduation, or graduation from kindergarten; planning ahead of time will help you throw a memorable and fun party for all to enjoy. From cheap graduation invitations to food and drink, we’ve put together some great graduation party planning tips to help you.

Write it down.

One of the first things you can establish to help you stay organized is creating a notebook or spreadsheet for the party. That way you can write notes and compile all the your planning tools in one spot.

Decide what type of party you are having.

Open house- An open house style is a great way to include a large number of people. Since it’s an open house, not everyone will in your home at the same time.

Family party- A family party can be fun, especially if your family is large and including friends would make the gathering too large.

Combined party- Throwing a combined party is a great way to avoid missing other people’s parties planned for the same time. Consider teaming up with the family of your graduate’s best friend or friends to throw one large party so everyone can be together.

Destination- Hosting a party at a park, beach or other venue is a great way to, accommodate a large group of people.


Modern Black & White Stripes graduation invitation by PurpleTrail.

Graduation Invitations set the tone of the event. Sending a paper invite is a nice touch because it becomes a keepsake for family and friends. If you don’t have the budget to order paper invitations for everyone, consider ordering a small quantity for close family and friends and sending the remaining invitations online. You can use the same design the you create in PurpleTrail for your printed invites for online invitations. Be sure to send out invitations at least three weeks prior to your event. Graduation time is busy for many people and there will likely be multiple invitations to parties within a short time span. You can find lots of graduation invitation wording ideas too.



These aren’t just for weddings and bed and breakfasts, guestbooks are had for many events, and graduation is a special one. A graduation guestbook that collects addresses for the grad so they can stay in contact or send thank you cards to, or gives the guests a place to write their favorite memory, or hopes for their future and encouragement. Just like invitations, they can be custom made to your event, or in the case of PurpleTrail, can be made to match the invites.


Planning your menu will largely be dependent on the style of party you choose to host. Planning simple, finger foods is typically are easiest to prepare and serve so that you are free to mingle with and enjoy your guests. The type of food will also depend on the time of day you plan the party. Graduations are typically in the summer or spring so there are many easy to serve fruits and salad dishes that can be prepared ahead of time.


The biggest thing to consider when planning what type of beverages to serve at a graduation party is the crowd you will be serving to. A high school graduation is likely to be filled with underage kids so if you do serve alcohol, assign someone the task of bar tending so that there is no confusion. Stock up on water and other non-alcoholic drinks. Plan on 3 drinks per person.


Playing games or organizing an activity is a great way to get people interacting. You always want to think of the crowd you are planning for. If the crowd is rather low key, plan a low key activity or game. Also, don’t force participation. Some people just don’t want to participate and that is OK. Check out some of our graduation party games.

We hope these graduation planning tips help you plan a sensational graduation party!

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