Graduation Party Games: Fun, Creative Ideas For High School & College Grads

Are you in need of graduation party games for your nearing graduation celebration? Keep guests entertained with these fun, creative, and free graduation party games. Covering everything from trivia to board games to interactive group games and everything in between, here you’re bound to find graduation party games your guests will love.

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Graduation Party Games for College & High School

Graduation Party Games: Who Am I?

This game is super easy to play and lots of fun. Start by passing out a post-it note to each player. Have each player write down the name of a famous person. The names can represent celebrities, storybook characters, historical figures, or political personalities. If your graduation party has a theme, try tying the theme into your game. For example, if the grad of honor has just graduated with a degree in history, try limiting the famous people to historical figures.

Have each player stick their post-it on another players forehead — without the wearer seeing the name written on the post-it. Now, have each player ask the rest of the group yes or no questions to figure out who they are. After hearing the answer to each yes or no question, the player can try to guess who they are. Whoever guesses who they are first wins. Each player can ask up to 20 yes or no questions.

Graduation Party Games: The Dictionary Game

Here’s another fun and easy graduation party game. Start The Dictionary Game out by having one person select an unusual word from the dictionary. The goal is to select a word that no one has ever heard of, ideally one where the meaning would be really hard to guess.

After the word is chosen, have the individual who looked it up share the word with the rest of the group — only the word, not the definition. Have each person write down a fake definition of the word. The person who looked up the word should write down the definition of the word from the dictionary. Have the person who chose the word collect the definitions from all guests.

Now have the person who chose the word read aloud all the definitions. Have guests vote on which definition they think is the correct one. Players get one point for every definition they guess correctly. If no one guesses correctly, the person who chose the word gets a point.

Keep playing until each player has had a chance to select a word. After everyone has gone, tally up the points to see who wins.

Graduation Party Games: The Game of Things

For this game, one person is “it” and will say a statement with the word things in it, such as “things yous shouldn’t do at graduation.” Then everyone else has to write down a thing you shouldn’t do at graduation, like sleep. The person who’s “it” collects all of the answers and he or she reads them aloud.

After that, each guest gets a chance to match the answer to the guest. If a guest matches correctly, he or she gets a point and whoever they matched with their answer is out. Keep playing until there’s one player left. Tally up the points for the winner.

Graduation Party Games: Murder Mystery

A murder mystery party is an interactive party where guests are given specific characters to play and a murder to solve. The guests have to investigate, ask questions, and work together to find out who among them is the culprit.

Murder mystery games can be purchased as a kit in a box or downloaded online. They are designed with a variety of themes, so finding one with a graduation theme should be easy. If you’re willing to invest a lot of time and thought into it, you can even create your very own murder mystery game from scratch.

Murder mystery parties work best with a group of 10 to 30 guests. If you’re planning a more intimate graduation party, host a graduation murder mystery dinner instead, a shorter, easier version of a full murder mystery party.

Graduation Party Games: Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic party game that most people enjoy and know how to play. Instead of playing traditional Pictionary, try giving the game a graduation theme for your celebration. Start by creating a list of 40 words related to college or high school graduation and education. Keep the words simple.

Divide your guests into two teams. Set up a white board for guests to draw on. Mix the words up in a jar or hat and have the teams take turns picking a word. One team gets to draw and guess at a time and for every word they get correct they get a point. Set a time limit for guessing and have someone on the other team keep track of time. Tally up the points in the end to see which team wins.

Graduation Party Games: Board Games

The following classic board games are easy to play and prepare for. They are great for both college and high school graduates. Try incorporating one or more into your graduation party.

  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Scattergories
  • Apples to Apples
  • Cranium

Graduation Party Games: Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is a word guessing party game designed by Hasbro. You can purchase it online or at most department stores. It’s perfect for graduation parties because it’s simple and lots of fun.

To play, organize your guests into two teams. Then have one team member start the timer. After the timer starts, a word will be displayed on the device which the team member will try to relay to his teammates via physical gestures or verbal cues.

The wielder of the device cannot say what the word is nor can he or she say what the word rhymes with. If teammates guess what the word is before time runs out, the timer gets passed to a person on the other team. Whichever team is holding the timer when it goes off loses a point.

Hopefully you found these graduation party games helpful! Have fun planning for your graduation party. For more great graduation party ideas, make sure to check and this Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas, Themes, & Invitation Wording article.

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