20 Graduation Party Activities, Graduation Celebration Ideas

Whether you’re in search of ways to celebrate graduation or simply in need of some graduation party activities for your nearing college or high school graduation bash, you’re bound to find something you like in this list of 20 graduation party activities.

College Graduation Celebration Ideas

This graduation invite/announcement can automatically match the graduate’s school colors. Pretty neat!
College Graduation Party Activities, Ways To Celebrate Graduation

Occasions as momentous as college graduation merit college graduation celebration ideas that are equally exciting and unique. Don’t limit your graduation celebration to your home. Celebrate college graduation in a unique way with one or more of the college graduation celebration ideas below.

1) College Graduation Party Activities: Embrace Other Cultures

If the idea of celebrating college graduation like an American bores you, try celebrating like you’re from a different country. Learn how other countries celebrate graduation by following the link provided.

2) College Graduation Party Activities: Pub Crawl

Plan a college graduation pub crawl to celebrate college graduation at all of your favorite bars with all of your favorite people. Make the college graduation pub crawl more interesting with costumes or matching uniforms. Incorporate interactive activities, like scavenger hunts and drinking games.

3) College Graduation Party Activities: Vineyard Tour & Tasting

Do you like wine and beautiful scenery? Celebrate college graduation by taking a tour of a nearby vineyard with friends and family. Sampling your favorite spirits and learning more about how they are made is a fine way to celebrate college graduation. You can even find graduation invitations that have a rustic look-and-feel to complement the winery theme of your celebration.

4) College Graduation Party Activities: Concert, Music Festival

There’s no better way to celebrate college graduation than by attending a concert or music festival with a group of your close friends and family. Check to see if any bands you like are on tour or if there will be any music festivals in your area. The upbeat atmosphere will give you a chance to relax, have fun, mingle, and embrace your success.

5) College Graduation Party Activities: Tour A Brewery

Celebrate college graduation by touring a local brewery with friends and family. Toast to your success while sampling a variety of beers and learning about how they’re made.

6) College Graduation Party Activities: Go To A Comedy Club

Celebrate your college graduation with laughs at your favorite comedy club. If you’re willing to take a trip for the sake of good entertainment, check out this list of America’s Best Comedy Clubs.

7) College Graduation Party Activities: Travel, Road Trip

After graduating from college, you’ll finally have time to travel. Celebrate college graduation by planning a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to see. Make your trip more interesting by traveling their via boat, train, or ferry. If you’re short on cash, your trip doesn’t have to be extravagant. Try traveling to a nearby national park or neighboring state or city instead.

8) College Graduation Party Activities: Extreme Sports

If you have a taste for adventure, celebrate college graduation by partaking in an extreme sport. From fresh water cave diving and zorbing to bungee jumping and sky diving, there are plenty to choose from.

9) College Graduation Party Activities: Go On A Retreat

Going on a retreat is a great way to celebrate college graduation because it can give you a chance to relax, get to know new people, and learn more about your interests. Whether you attend a writers retreat, a yoga retreat, or a spiritual retreat, you’re bound to learn more about your field while having fun.

10) College Graduation Party Activities: Pursue Your Dream, Passion

After graduating from college, this may be one of the first things on your to do list; so why not get warmed up by partaking in an activity that relates to your dreams as a means of celebrating your college graduation. If you love art, try taking a painting class with a few friends. Plan to teach? Encourage a group of friends to participate in a education volunteer program with you.

High School Graduation Celebration Ideas

High School Graduation Party Activities, Ways To Celebrate Graduation

With high school graduation party activities ranging from paint balling to hiring a portrait artist for your high school graduation party, this list of high school graduation celebration ideas has variety. Read on to find a high school graduation celebration idea that is perfect for you.

1) High School Graduation Party Activities: Paint Ball

Celebrate high school graduation with close friends at a nearby paintball arena. Developing a game plan, avoiding enemy fire, and working together as a team is a fun and exciting way to celebrate high school graduation. Most paint ball sessions last for only a few hours, so this high school graduation celebration idea won’t interfere with family gatherings and parties planned later in the day.

2) High School Graduation Party Activities: Backyard BBQ

Hold a backyard BBQ and invite all of your loved ones to celebrate your high school graduation while enjoying nice weather, good food, and good company. Spice up your high school graduation BBQ with some of these Summer Party Ideas — Food, Cocktail, & Entertainment Tips and gather guests with the perfect graduation party invites!

3) High School Graduation Party Activities: Trampoline Park

Indoor trampoline parks feature spacious rooms with wall-to-wall trampolines. With floors and walls lined with trampolines, you and your high school graduation party guests are free to defy gravity and hopefully leave the cares of exams and getting into college behind.

4) High School Graduation Party Activities: Karaoke

Do you love to sing? Celebrate high school graduation with close friends at a nearby karaoke place or purchase a karaoke machine and celebrate at home. Try including some of these top songs about graduation into your lineup.

5) High School Graduation Party Activities: Amusement Park

Celebrate high school graduation with a group of your closest friends at an amusement park. Ride roller coasters, eat fair food, and play games together one last time before embarking on life after high school. Combined with a road trip, this will make for one great memory.

6) High School Graduation Party Activities: Get Your Fortune Told

See what life holds after high school by getting your fortune told. You can hire a tarot card reader for your high school graduation party or you and a group of friends can visit one.

7) High School Graduation Party Activities: Caricature Portraits

Hire a caricature artist for your high school graduation party. Friends and family will love having their portraits drawn. You can even have the artist do a group portrait so you have a unique keepsake of your high school graduation party.

8) High School Graduation Party Activities: Road Trip

Nothing says freedom like graduating from high school. Embrace your new found freedom and milestone accomplishment by hitting the open road with a group of close friends. It doesn’t matter where you go, just go!!

9) High School Graduation Party Activities: Go Kart Racing

If a road trip is out of the question, but you like the idea, try hitting up a nearby go kart track with a group of friends instead.

10) High School Graduation Party Activities: Murder Mystery Graduation Party

Celebrate high school graduation with costumes, suspense, and a murder to solve by hosting a graduation murder mystery party. Learn more about hosting a murder mystery party in this Halloween Murder Mystery Party Ideas post.

Hopefully you found these graduation celebration ideas inspiring! For more graduation entertainment ideas, take a look at this Graduation Party Games post.

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