Chic, Glamorous Halloween Party Invitations, Decorations, Themes

Whether you’re planning a formal Halloween party for friends or want to put an elegant twist on your kids Halloween party this year, you can make your Halloween party a high-style affair with these chic, glamorous Halloween party ideas, covering elegant Halloween party invitations, DIY decorations, and more.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
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Chic, Glamorous Halloween Ideas: Themes

While chic or glamorous may be a specific enough Halloween party theme for most, some like narrowing things to a color palette, time period, or party type, like dinner party, cocktail party, or costume party. If that sounds like you, here’s a list of glamorous Halloween party theme ideas that are bound to leave guests enamored.

Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: Chic Black and White Halloween Party

Opting for a solid white or two-tone black and white palette for your Halloween party can give it a riveting look and feel. A pure white Halloween party will look magical, elegant, and dazzling, while a black and white Halloween party theme will denote a more formal tone; either one is bound to leave an impression on guests. Find black and white Halloween party invitation and decoration inspiration in the glamorous Halloween party ideas below.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
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Chic Black and White Halloween Party Invitations

Introduce your chic black and white Halloween party theme using the Haunting Skull Halloween Party Invitations featured above or the Chalkboard Vintage Frame Halloween Party Invitations below. Use either of the templates and our free online design tools to make black and white Halloween party invitations that suit your glamoween party perfectly.

Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: DIY Black and White Painted Pumpkin Decorations

Follow this chic non-carve pumpkin tutorial on to make dazzling, Tim-Burton-esque party decor in no time.

glamorous halloween Party ideas
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Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: DIY Black and White Feather Garland Decorations

Make your own black feather garland for staircase railings, mantels, and doorways with black and white feather boas and hot glue. Attach the feather boas together with the hot glue, let it dry, and start decorating.

Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: Halloween Cocktail Party

A Halloween cocktail party is a classic, sophisticated adult Halloween party theme. Use the Halloween cocktail party ideas below for inspiration on planning one.

Glamorous Halloween Cocktail Party Invitations

Personalize our Fancy Pumpkin Halloween Party Invites, displayed at the top of the post, or our Toxic Drink Halloween Party Invites below with your choice of colors, fonts, wording, and more, to set the stage for your high-style affair.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
Toxic Drink Halloween Party Invites by

Search the web for Halloween cocktail recipes. Include one on the back of your Halloween cocktail party invitations to embellish your cocktail theme. Doing so will give your invites a practical purpose after your party and serve as a reminder of your intoxicating soiree.

Glamorous Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas: Drinks, Favors

Use a variety of spooky, rich Halloween cocktail recipes to prepare festive concoctions for guests. Send guests home with cocktail themed favors, like Halloween martini shakers or a Halloween drink recipe book.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
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Glamorous Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas: Decorations

Serve your drinks on a table or bar along side a dish of dry ice. Add a touch of glamour by garnishing your drinks with flashy stirrers, like these glitter ball stirrers, and surround your table and party space with twinkling lighting via candles, strings of lights, and lanterns.

Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: Gold, Chrome Halloween Party

Nothing says glamour like glitter, chrome, and gold. All three together may be a little too glamorous for your Halloween party, but choosing just one can make for a rich, elegant soiree. Use the glamorous gold, chrome, and glitter Halloween party ideas below to add dazzling modern details to your glamoween bash.

glamorous halloween Party ideas
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Gold, Chrome, Glitter Halloween Party Invitations

Present your theme to guests on personalized Halloween party invitations from You can customize any of the glamorous Halloween party invitations in our Halloween collection with faux glitter details, rich tones, and smooth fonts.

The Silver Spider Web Faux Glitter Halloween Response Card featured above comes with matching invitations and thank you cards. Although it’s a Halloween wedding invitation set, it can be personalized to fit your glamorous gold, chrome, or glitter Halloween party by changing wording, colors, and anything else you like.

Gold, Chrome, Glitter Halloween Party Decorations

For a gold or chrome Halloween party, use a silver or gold Sharpie to add metallic details to black napkins and balloons. Paint pumpkins with gold or chrome paint. Cover tables with black tablecloths. Add richness to tables and mantels with painted gold leaf garland.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
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For a glitter Halloween party, make glitter pumpkins and candles for tables and mantels. Cover tables with sparkly tablecloths. Display menu and drink options or spooky quotes on vintage framed mirrors. Make your glitter Halloween party decorations sparkle with strings of lights, candlelight, and lanterns.

Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: Old-Hollywood Halloween Party

Entertain guests with an old-Hollywood Halloween party, complete with a vintage celebrity dress code, decorations inspired by favorite classic flicks, and old-fashioned drinks with a Halloween twist. Use the glamorous Halloween party ideas below for tips on old-Hollywood invitations, decorations, costumes, and more.

Old-Hollywood Halloween Party Invitations

Make your own Halloween party invitations using one of our vintage party invitation templates and online design tools. Incorporate elements of 30s and 40s design, when Hollywood was on the rise. Or, go with a movie themed invitation, like the clapperboard party invitation below, although it’s a prom invitation, you can easily personalize it to match your old-Hollywood Halloween party theme by changing wording and colors.

Model your old-Hollywood Halloween party invitations after your favorite classic movie, films with an ominous theme, such as The Birds, Metropolis, or Dracula, would be ideal. Start with any of our templates and make it your own by adding photos, fonts, wording, and art of your choosing using our free online design tool.

Old-Hollywood Halloween Party Ideas: Decorations

Make your own star garland by following the tutorial on Use it to decorate tables and hallways. Cover tables in rich fabric, like silk, satin, or velvet. Make an own old-Hollywood inspired photo booth with a camera, tri-pod, vintage backdrop, and creative old-Hollywood themed props. The photo booth will embellish your theme and act as entertainment for guests.

glamorous halloween Party ideas
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Old-Hollywood Halloween Party Ideas: Costumes

The right costumes will bring your old-Hollywood theme to life, so make sure guests know to dress up as their favorite Golden Age celebrity or as a character from their favorite classic horror film. Here are a few fun ideas you can use for old-Hollywood Halloween party costume inspiration. Click on the links for more info on each old-Hollywood costume idea.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
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Glamorous Halloween Party Ideas: Vampire Halloween Party Ideas

There’s something irresistibly alluring and romantic about vampires and their mysterious, dark personas that nearly all of us find fascinating. With glamour spells, and tons of class and elegance, vampires make a great theme for your glamorous Halloween party. Use the glamorous Halloween party ideas below for advice on buying vampire invitations, decorations, and more.

Glamorous Vampire Halloween Party Invitations

Introduce your vampire Halloween party theme using the Vampire Chalkboard Halloween Party Invitations featured below. The funny Halloween invitation wording is bound to capture attention while the fun fang details and elegant cursive script highlight your glamorous, ghoulish Halloween party theme.

Chic, Elegant, Glamorous Halloween Ideas
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Glamorous Vampire Halloween Party Ideas: Decorations, Food, Costumes

Bring your theme further with Gothic inspired Halloween decorations, a vampire costume dress code, and vampire inspired drinks, like these bloody good milkshakes.

Adorn your drink and food tables with DIY bat garland and DIY bleeding candles. Decorate walls with trick, no-reflection mirrors.  Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite vampire character, from books, TV, or movies.

Screen your favorite vampire flicks. Or, create a more lively atmosphere using a Halloween themed music playlist with silent film Nosferatu on in the background — it will add tons of dark, vintage flavor and spooky, fun imagery to your soiree.

glamorous halloween Party ideas
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Hopefully you found these glamorous Halloween party ideas and glamorous Halloween party themes inspiring. For more great Halloween party ideas, explore our Creative Teen Halloween Party Themes, Invitations, Games, DIY DecorRustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas, Invitations, Wording, DIY Decorations, and Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas For Kids: Invitations, Activities, Decorations posts. Good luck planning your elegant Halloween party.

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